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10 Reasons to Love Go Minis

In honor of Valentine's Day, we are sharing the top 10 reasons to LOVE Go Mini’s!

  1. Transparent Pricing

Go Mini’s offers a transparent pricing structure. Our handling and delivery fees are communicated upfront and there are no hidden costs in your monthly payment. Simply fill out the form on our website and you will receive an instant Go Mini’s quote!

  1. 3 Container Size Options

Go Mini’s offers three container size options. No matter the size of your storage or relocation needs, we have a container size just for you. Our fleet includes 12, 16, or 20-foot containers.

  1. Largest Containers

Looking for more storage? Go Mini’s is the option for you. Did you know that Go Mini’s is the only portable storage company to offer a 20-foot storage container option? That means more space to handle your next move, home renovation, or commercial on-site storage needs.

  1. Padded Wheels

Our wheels will protect your driveway from damage! Other storage containers often use metal wheels that can cause damage by scratching or scraping the surface of your driveway.

  1. Raised Floors

Each Go Mini’s container offers a low-clearance for easy loading while keeping the floor raised high enough to protect your belongings against potential flooding.

  1. Ventilation

Our portable storage containers are ventilated to provide increased airflow and minimize moisture and condensation build-up.

  1. Interior Tie-down Points

If you’re planning to use your Go Mini for an upcoming move, securing your belongings for transit is likely top-of-mind. Our containers offer more interior tie-down points to secure and protect your items inside your Go Mini’s storage container.

  1. Metal Construction

The sturdy metal construction of our Go Mini’s containers will help to protect your items during transit.

  1. Local Ownership and Operations Team

Go Mini’s of Augusta is a subsidiary of Ellefson Transportation Group, a family-owned and operated business, serving residents and businesses across the Augusta, GA area since 1967.

  1. Award-Winning Customer Service

Go Mini’s of Augusta has a 5-star google rating and was also named Go Mini's Franchise Point-of-Contact of the year based on customer satisfaction ratings and feedback.

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