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Halloween BOXtumes We Love

If you moved recently, here are some fun Halloween costume ideas to help you get rid of those leftover moving boxes. Grab your craft supplies and your kiddo and give these fun “boxtumes” a try.


Easy to Make

Spaceship - Perfect for Social Distancing

What you’ll need: Silver paint, aluminum foil for accents, red, orange, and yellow tissue paper for flames, scissors and glue, and a few different boxes.

Once you build the body of your rocket, give it a fresh paint job, adding some aluminum accents, don’t forget the flames on your rocket boosters! Then hop in and blast off for some Halloween fun.


What you’ll need: Red and yellow paint, paper bowls, glue, and a couple of boxes.


Glue paper bowls to the front of a larger box that is painted red to create the Lego bumps. Paint a smaller box yellow, add a bowl on top, and cut a hole as the “mouth” to see through. Paint on your favorite Lego face, cut holes for your arms, legs, and head, and you are ready to go!


What you’ll need: White Paint, Black paper circles, glue or tape, a box

Paint your box white and attach the black paper circles to mimic the dots on a dice. Attach some straps and you’re ready to go!

Mouse with Cheese

What you’ll need: Yellow paint, scissors, glue, mouse costume(or ears)


Cut the ends and one side of a large box off and glue the edges together to make a triangle-shaped box with no top or bottom. Paint yellow and cut holes to mimic cheese. Finish by adding straps to keep the box on.

May Require a Creative Eye


What you’ll need: multiple boxes, scissors, glue, paint (optional)

Cut some boxes to make the head, scales, and tail of a t-rex. Glue to the main box. Cut a hole for your arms and head. If desired, paint the box to look like a colorful dinosaur.

Tetris Pieces - A great group costume

What you’ll need: 4 uniform boxes for each person, a different color paint for each person and black paint (or tape) for outlines, scissors, glue


Depending on the number of people in your group, more planning may be required to make sure your costumes connect correctly. Paint boxes and glue or tape together to make assorted shapes. Cut holes for hands, arms, and face.


What you’ll need: multiple boxes, silver paint, printouts of robot/machine gages, glue, scissors

Paint a large and small box silver. Cut a hole for your head out of both boxes and then attach the boxes. Glue on printouts or paint on the front of the larger box. Cut holes for your arms and legs.

Hot Air Balloon

What you’ll need: paint, wooden dowels, paper bags, ribbon


Paint a larger box to be a cardboard basket. Using the wooden dowels and part of another box, build above the basket to attach balloons. Attach balloons and paper bags marked “sand”.

Other Ideas Include:

  • Mailbox

  • Retro TV

  • X-Ray Machine

  • Rubik’s Cube

  • Spongebob Squarepants

  • Fireplace

  • Fish tank (perfect for social distancing)

  • Freaky Fridge

  • Train

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