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Go Mini’s: The Perfect Storage Solution During Your Home Renovation

In the early phases of planning your home renovation you probably have a lot on your plate, from choosing contractors and finishes, to putting together a budget and more. One of the items that often gets put on the back burner is figuring out exactly what to do with all your stuff while your home is being renovated. If you’re lucky you might be renovating before moving in, but lots of home owners do renovations after moving in, meaning that they have no place for all their stuff to go. If you’re only renovating a small area in your home, like a bathroom or a kitchen it might be easy to consider relocating items to the garage or attic or even an extra bedroom, but those facing large scale renovations of rooms with large pieces of furniture and other items might need a more comprehensive solution.

5 Reasons Go-Mini’s will work for you:

Once you decide that additional storage space is needed, there are tons of options out there, from rental units to warehouse storage at a local moving company. Our favorite option for projects like these? Go-Mini’s Portable Storage. Wondering what makes it the perfect solution? Consider these benefits:

  1. Storage at your door: Nothing is more convenient than having your storage space right outside your door. This gives you the ability to load and unload things as you need to. Especially if you’re doing a renovation in stages, having storage that is conveniently located to your work site means you can take the project room by room if you need to, without having to worry about loading and unloading bulky things from the car to a storage unit and back again.
  2. 3 size options: Renting a storage unit or a storage vault often requires you to rent what is available, not necessarily what you need. With Go-Mini’s you have 3-size options, 12 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft., so no matter the scale of your project we have the storage space you need. You can even use the convenient storage calculator on our Go-Mini’s site to help figure out just how much storage you will need.
  3. Move at your own pace: When your storage is located right outside your door you don’t have to be worried about having everything ready for someone to pick up if you are storing offsite, or even worry about having enough items pulled together to make your trip to your storage unit worthwhile. You can load your items as you’re ready and keep the container as long as you need it. Once you’re done, unload at your own pace and let us know when you’re ready for pick up.
  4. Easy loading and unloading: If you’re already D-I-Y-ing parts of your renovation, you will likely have a lot of heavy lifting ahead of you, so who wants to load and unload furniture from the back of a truck or SVU when you can simply walk it out to your driveway. Our containers sit low enough to the ground that you can simply walk in and out to load them, no ramps or steps needed, adding to the convenience of this simple storage solution.
  5. You call, we haul: Renting a Go-Mini should be one of the simplest parts of your renovation preparations. You call and schedule a delivery date and time and we bring the container right to you, use it for as long as you like, and when you’re done let us know and we will come pick it up.

As plans continue to come together for your upcoming home renovations, make sure to give us a call at 706.659.9747 to schedule your Go Mini's delivery today!

photo credit: Hal Gatewood