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6 Household Items That Will Come in Handy on Moving Day

You’ve reserved your Go-Mini, scheduled your delivery and started packing, and moving day is just around the corner. As you’re making final preparations for your DIY move, and making sure you have everything you need to get the job done, like boxes and tape and tissue paper, we have a few suggestions of items that you might not have thought about needing, and likely already have in your home! These small items can make a big difference during your move, so make sure to keep them on hand:

  1. Sharpie Markers: We say this a lot, but labeling your boxes makes a HUGE difference. Don’t just include the name of the room, include a brief list of the contents of each box so that you are able to prioritize the unpacking to process by unpacking items you will need first!
  1. Zip Top Bags: Sure, these are handy to pack snacks for moving day, but they are also great to corral all those little parts and pieces to furniture you might need to take apart for transit or screws, nails and photo hangers.

    Pro Tip: if you are taking something apart and plan to put it back together at your new home, collect all the hardware in a zip top bag, label it and tape it to the back of the item. If you don’t want to tape it, create a box to keep ALL your hardware, screws, and small parts and pieces in so that you know where to find them when you get to your new home.

  1. Zip Ties: Nothing is more frustrating than opening a box and finding a tangled mess of cords when you’re ready to setup your home office or hook up your entertainment system in your new home. Use zip ties to keep cords wrapped and untangled during transit, and make sure to label them or keep them in boxes or bags near the items they belong to.
  1. Towels: Towels and blankets are a movers’ best friend. First, they can help protect your floors as you’re moving larger pieces of furniture, and second, they allow you to slide heavier pieces with ease. Just place towels under the feet or edges of a piece of furniture and use the loose ends to help you move the items without having to lift them. This tip is especially helpful for large cabinets or sofas, or even fridges and freezers.
  1. Rubber Bands: Its always a good idea to keep rubberbands handy, similar to zip ties they are great at helping you wrangle unruly cords, but lots of home maintenance sites say that you can actually wrap rubber bands around a hammer to help you remove nails without scratching the walls. This is a great tip if you’re renting, or just don’t want to deal with the extra task of tidying up those scuff marks.
  1. Plastic Wrap: While household chemicals and cleaning supplies are on our non-allowable items list, meaning we can’t carry them for you in your container, you will likely have some liquid items that you might want to transport. Cut a small piece of plastic wrap, large enough to cover the top, and unscrew the cap. Next place the plastic wrap over the top and put the cap back on. This will provide an extra barrier of protection to help keep spills to a minimum during transit. This is also great for toiletry items or even some kitchen pantry items you might take with you.

Make sure to set these 6 items aside as you’re packing to give you an advantage as you continue to prep for the big day! Need additional moving supplies or ready to rent a container? Contact us today to see how we can help make your move as easy as 1-2-3!

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