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Central North Carolina's Premier Moving Containers

Effortless Local Moves with Our Portable Containers

Getting ready for a local move? At Go Mini's of Central North Carolina, we offer a stress-free and convenient option with our portable moving containers!

We get that moving can be a stressful and time-consuming venture. To make your next chapter worry-free and - dare we say "enjoyable" - we'll provide you with our world-class storage and moving services.

We proudly serve central North Carolina and we'd be honored to come alongside you during this next chapter of your life.

Need a local moving container company? Call us today at (919) 634-6536 or request your free, instant quote online.

Secure & Convenient Moving Containers for Your Peace of Mind

Our cutting-edge moving containers are designed to deliver unparalleled convenience and top-tier security, ensuring that your relocation is a breeze while safeguarding your valuable possessions.

We've poured meticulous thought into the creation of our portable storage units, leading to features such as:

  • Resilience Against Sweating & Condensation: Setting us apart from many competitors, our containers boast factory-baked paint coatings on their exteriors, effectively preventing water from beading on the surface.
  • Moisture Control Through Ventilation: Properly ventilated interiors fend off the risks of mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, preserving the integrity of your belongings.
  • Optimal Ground Clearance: Our containers offer an ample eight inches of ground clearance. They sit low enough to eliminate the need for ramps while remaining sufficiently elevated to keep water at bay.
  • Tailored for Secure Item Transport: Each container is thoughtfully equipped with railings and tie-downs, ensuring your items stay firmly in place during transit.
  • Driveway-Friendly: Equipped with padded wheels, our containers are designed to prevent any damage to your concrete or asphalt surfaces during the moving process

Choose the Perfect Size: Our Moving Container Options

Our mobile moving containers offer a unique advantage when it comes to relocating your belongings. They are available in three spacious sizes, each tailored to accommodate varying volumes of items.

Our moving containers sizing includes:

  • 12-Foot Container (Perfect for Smaller Moves) - It's an ideal choice for those with a smaller quantity of items or for a one-room move.
  • 16-Foot Container (Ideal for Larger, Two-Room Moves) - This choice provides more space and is suitable for larger rooms or two-room moves.
  • 20-Foot Container (The Ultimate Solution for Extensive Moves) - We take pride in being the only portable moving company that provides this size. It offers maximum space, perfect for extensive moves involving multiple rooms.

Regardless of the size you choose, each of our moving shipping containers stands 8 feet high, ensuring adequate vertical space for stacking. The availability of a 20-foot-long container is a unique characteristic of our service unlike other moving and storage companies. It not only means additional space for you but also translates into significant savings.

By choosing our portable moving containers, you're opting for convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness!

Get your free, instant quote online or by calling us at (919) 634-6536. With us, your central North Carolina move is that simple.

Streamlined Moving Container Delivery for Your Schedule

There are a lot of variables during a move. Partnering with a flexible moving container company helps lighten your load.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • First Call - Determining Your Needs. When you call us, the first order of business is figuring out what you need. Are you moving from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom home? Or do you have a move-out date but
  • Scheduling the Container Delivery. Once you've selected your moving container, we'll schedule the delivery date.
  • Delivering the Container. We'll deliver the moving container to the date and address you've chosen. Your container will be delivered on a flatbed truck. For tight spaces, we have our in-house Mule Delivery System. We'll get the job done.
  • Flexible Load, Pick-Up, and Move Options. You'll have as long as you need to load your container. When you're ready to move, just call us to schedule your container pick-up date. We're very flexible! If you have a move-out date but aren't ready to move into your new place, we can store the container for you. We also offer open-ended rentals, which is convenient if you need extra time to move everything in.

At Go Mini's of Central North Carolina, we go above and beyond to serve you. With our flexible moving storage options, we have a stress-free solution for your move!

Contact Go Mini's of Central North Carolina for Your Moving Needs Today!

When it comes to convenient moving options and excellent customer service, we've got you covered!

We aren't a corporate giant - we're locally owned and operated to provide the local "mom-and-pop" experience. To us, you aren't a number. You're a fellow neighbor we'll know on a first and last-name basis.

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