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How To Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

Packing for your upcoming move can be a long process. Make sure you keep track of everything you have packed and label everything. The kitchen can be especially difficult to pack because of the fragile nature of most kitchen items.

Before Packing

Start by pre-sorting your items. Determine what items you are leaving behind, donating, or selling and place them in separate areas.It’s less stressful to deal with items you are not taking with you before moving day comes.

Make sure to label everything. Even when packing all items from one room, each box should have detailed labels of what is included. If you plan to organize items similarly to your current kitchen, consider packing boxes with items that will go together.

Make an inventory list. While this may seem tedious, having an inventory of all of your items will give you some extra peace of mind. It is also important to know how many boxes there are and what is in each box.

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Packing Tips

  • Pack firmly

  • Limit the weight of each box

  • Wrap items carefully

  • Provide cushioning to absorb shock

  • Use sturdy cartons and boxes that close securely

  • Use a dish pack carton for easy kitchen storage

  • Wrap all pieces of china and fragile items individually in clean paper

  • Purchase packing supplies from Go Mini's to make sure your items are safe and secure during transit.

For tips on how to pack specific items, check out these videos or read more here.

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