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3 Ways Go Mini's Can Help with your Community Event

Community events and fundraisers are an important part of the year for any organization, bringing in family fun, entertainment for all ages, and money for a good cause. All that being said, they also come with a lot to take care of for event organizers, who can always benefit from a helping hand. To make sure your next fundraiser runs smoothly, enlist the aid of Go Mini’s temporary storage solutions for secure and convenient safekeeping of your items throughout the course of any event. Check out these three ways our flexible storage options can be of use to you.


In order to collect as many donations as possible, most drives last longer than a couple of hours and offer a myriad of drop-off locations. Keeping donations secure and accounted for throughout the entire event requires a lot of manpower, as items need to be routinely transported back to your organization’s facility for safekeeping. However, with the help of Go Mini’s storage units, donations can be collected in a variety of flexible locations, as the units can be transported anywhere, and can safely be kept there over a long period of time, as volunteers can securely lock up donations in the storage units on-site at the end of each day.

Throughout the month of October, Golden Harvest Food Bank hosts their canned food drive, It’s Spooky to be Hungry, relying on hundreds of neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations to collect canned goods to support local families struggling with hunger. With so much on their plate, using Go Mini’s storage solutions gives Golden Harvest Food Bank one less thing to worry about, ensuring they have ample short term storage solutions throughout their campaign.


Selling second-hand goods donated by your community is a great way to fundraise for important causes, but, as donations flood in, the project can require more storage than your organization has to offer. Not only will you need a place to store the items leading up to the event, you’ll need locations for everything to be set up and staged before the sale can begin. For events like this, Go Mini’s storage solutions can provide as much secure space as your organization requires through every step of the process.

To support their ministry opportunities, Wesley United Methodist Church hosts a yard sale twice a year, requiring them to organize the drop-off, storage, and resale of tons of donated items. Go Mini’s is able to help by providing secure locations for safekeeping of items throughout the event. Our storage units house items long before the sale, giving participants plenty of time to drop off their donations. The storage units are used again once the event begins, providing extra space for organizers to stage donations in a way that’s appealing, so buyers can check out what the sale has to offer. The church never has to worry about how many donations they receive with Go Mini’s help.


If your event requires long term storage of donations too large or too numerous to keep inside your facility, finding a safe, indoor storage location can be difficult. Meanwhile, storing items outside leaves them vulnerable to theft and damaging weather. For this conundrum, Go Mini’s storage units are the perfect solution, as they offer extra storage that can keep donations secure, protected from the elements, and out of the way until the end of the event.

In partnership with the nonprofit, ReStart Augusta, the Augusta Doubletree hotel regularly donates gently used mattresses to help provide children, families, and veterans in the area with a bed to sleep on. Because relocating mattresses to homes in need can take time, Doubletree must continue to house the donated mattresses, even as replacements arrive at the hotel. Lacking space indoors and wanting to protect the mattresses from the dirt and rain outdoors, they enlist the help of Go Mini’s storage units, which can be conveniently placed in the hotel parking lot. There they provide secure storage locations for each mattress until relocation, freeing up Doubletree’s space and protecting the donated mattresses until they can go to the individuals who need them.

These are only a few of the ways Go Mini’s can help whatever your event may be. For festivals or runs requiring equipment to be delivered to the location in the days leading up to the event, Go Mini’s can be used to safely store tables, chairs, equipment, and more on-site, so you have less to worry about on the day of your event.

Whatever community event your organization is planning, be it a festival, a canned food drive, a run or a walk, Go Mini’s storage solutions can help provide a significantly less stressful experience as you work to support a good cause. Our containers offer the perfect on-site storage solutions for your donation drive or event rental safekeeping, ensuring your items are secure and protected from the elements. If your event requires moving items from storage to the event location, using Go Mini’s for the pick-up, delivery, and storage is simple and easy! Contact Go Mini’s before your next community event to learn more about how our flexible storage solutions can help.