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Go Mini’s Helps You Make the Most of Your Holiday Move

The holiday season brings a lot of hustle and bustle, and for some families, it presents the perfect break in activities to move before the new year sets in. While it can be challenging to book traditional relocation services during this time period, Go Mini’s provides a unique solution that allows you to modify your relocation plans to fit your holiday schedule.

Flexibility and convenience are the name of the game when it comes to using Go Mini’s as a resource during your relocation. Here are just a few of the ways our on-site storage and D.I.Y. relocation solutions are designed to help you move where and when you’re ready, even if that’s over the holiday break.


We recognize that every family and every relocation is different and that’s why we focus on offering flexible relocation and storage solutions for our customers.

Scheduling Flexibility

When you’re juggling lots of schedules and activities, flexibility in service offerings is key. Go Mini’s on-site storage solutions allow you to be in control of the timeline for your relocation. You can set pickup and delivery dates that work for you, just call our account coordinators to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Container Options

We also offer flexibility in storage solutions. With three different storage options, we can help you tackle the relocation of your small loft or apartment or your entire home. Not sure what size you need? No problem! You can use our storage calculator or talk with our local account coordinator to figure out which option is best for you.

Storage Options

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays and are worried about what to do with your packed container, we offer on-site storage at our secure facility and can deliver the container to your new home once you arrive and are ready to start the unpacking process.

Holiday Moving Tip: Take advantage of this flexibility and build in a few days during your move to enjoy the holiday and make some memories with your family.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing a DIY relocation solution like Go Mini’s is the ability to be in control of the entire process. Our containers are delivered to your front door, giving you the ability to pack and load your belongings at your own pace. Once you are ready for moving day, schedule a container pickup and delivery and we will relocate the container to your new home. Again, you will be able to unload and unpack at your own pace.

Since our containers will be located right outside your home, you don’t have to stress over a quick unload of a rental truck or moving van, you can methodically work through unpacking and organizing spaces at your own pace, with the peace of mind that you have a convenient place to store all your belongings that you aren’t able to get unloaded by the end of each day.

Everything You Need for Moving Day

Go Mini’s of Augusta offers an extra layer of convenience by offering a variety of moving supplies for purchase or rent. If you need boxes, tape, furniture pads, dollys and more, just let us know and we can arrange delivery of these items with your container. 

Holiday Moving Tip: When loading your container, save a few boxes of holiday décor to load last. Once you get to your new home, take time to deck the halls and get in the holiday spirit. Since your container will be right outside your door until you schedule a pickup, you don’t have to rush to get everything unloaded and you can prioritize a little holiday cheer!


You don’t have to be a professional mover and have tons of specialty equipment to pack and load your Go Mini’s container. In addition to the convenience of on-site storage and flexibility of our service offerings, Go Mini’s are designed for ease of use.  Each of our Go Mini’s includes features like

  • Extra interior tiedown points to secure furniture throughout the container
  • Low entry so you can easily load and unload items without ramps and lift gates’
  • Swinging double doors for added container strength and simple access


Safety and security of your belongings is a top priority for us and that’s why our containers are designed to offer secure storage and protect your items from the elements.

Each of our containers has locking roll-up or swing doors to keep your items locked away when you are not loading and unloading. We recommend securing doors with padlocks for an additional layer of protection.

When it comes to protecting your items from the elements we have included several features in the construction of our containers to ensure your items are safe including:

  • Vented containers to reduce humidity and moisture that can contribute to mold, mildew, and other bacteria
  • Sealed and pressure-treated floors to lock out moisture that might damage your items
  • Sturdy steel frames and galvanized steel exterior to keep containers from sweating
  • 8 inch ground clearance to protect loaded goods from standing water.

Holiday Moving Tip:  With a full slate of security features designed to protect your items, you can rest assured that if you take a day or two off to cherish the holiday season, your items will be safe and secure in your Go Mini until you are ready to focus on unpacking.