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Tips for Safely Sourcing Packing Supplies for Your Move

When you are preparing for your upcoming move, one of the tasks we all fret over is the packing. From clothes and toys, to kitchen wares and décor items, there are a million things inside your home that require sorting and packing prior to moving. (If you’re feeling especially overwhelmed by all the “stuff” check out our tips for pre-move declutter here). There are plenty of tips out there on the safest way to pack items in your boxes to protect them during transit, however, what you might not realize is the importance that the boxes themselves have on the successful outcome of your relocation.

According to Unpakt, the top places to secure free moving boxes for your next move include:

  • Office Supply Stores
  • Bookstores
  • Bars/Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pharmacy
  • Liquor Stores
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Box Exchanges/Upcycle

While it is important for most home owners to trim costs where they can for their moving budget, it is not recommended to cut corners on the packing supplies. As you’ll notice, 3 of the sources listed above were associated with food service and one source recommends reuse of other people’s boxes. While we certainly support recycling efforts, this could potentially wreak havoc on the items you place in those boxes.

It’s important to consider where your boxes come from. Typically, when using “hand-me-down” boxes, it’s hard to know what the previous person packed in those boxes or where they have been stored since being used – and for how long.

Each of these factors may seem minute, but it’s important to consider that insects and pests are drawn to food smell and the scent can linger in the cardboard long after the food items have been removed from the boxes.

Another factor to consider is where the boxes were stored before you picked them up. Unless the facility you obtained them from keeps the boxes clean and in a pest-controlled area, chances are the boxes could have picked up microscopic eggs or insects in a matter of hours if left outdoors or in a warehouse. These eggs are not easily identifiable with the naked eye and are easily missed – especially if laid between the box walls.

Did you know that it takes 24 – 38 days for an immature roach to emerge from the egg? This means you may never see a single roach until you unpack your boxes weeks later in your new house.

In addition to lingering food smells, moisture in the cardboard, as well as dust and dirt will attract and provide the perfect breeding ground for an infestation.

At Augusta Go Mini’s, our packing materials are stored in a warehouse that is kept on a strict 30-day pest control service schedule and are all brand-new when sold to each customer.

Although purchasing your packing materials might be an added cost to factor-in when building your budget, our affordable container options offer budget-friendly solutions for your home move, allowing room in your budget to take proper precautions with your packing materials.

Interested in learning more about our container options or adding some additional packing supplies to your existing delivery? Contact us today!