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Delivery Tips for Go-Mini’s Customers

When considering a Go Mini’s container for your upcoming project or move, figuring out where to place the unit is sometimes just as important as deciding which size and what dates you want to schedule the move.

Safety should be top priority for your DIY project and placing your Go Mini in the right location, on the correct surface will ensure a safe and convenient move throughout the entire process.

Locations with a steep incline or uneven surface can cause issues or even injuries during the loading process. (In this video/below), we outline some of the key factors to consider when selecting the placement for your next Go Mini’s Container.


Go Mini’s are optimally designed to be placed on paved surfaces, such as your driveway, street, or a paved parking area (if using for industrial purposes).

We sometimes can place the units in a flat grassy, dirt, or loose-gravel area if you do not plan to relocate the unit. When filled to maximum weight, loose-gravel and grassy surfaces create a lot of friction during the loading process which can potentially cause damage to the unit or your items inside; dirt locations are prone to container sinking during times of heavy rain.

Parking lots and streets are good options, but remember to check with owners of the property or the local government, if leaving in a public place, or your HOA for sanctions limiting things like portable containers.

Paved driveways provide the right amount of support and low-resistance for a smooth load and un-load process as well as the benefit of privacy to work at our own pace without complaints from your HOA or the city.


Most driveways are not 100% flat, however, the flatter the surface, the better the results for our Go Mini’s containers. Even the slightest slope can create hazards for you during the loading process if the container favors one side or end to another; as you add weight, the container may lean more to that side than the other which can cause headaches for you as you try to stack boxes or even be hazardous.

Delivery tip

Our team ensures that each box is level and sturdy before leaving the container in its final position to prevent any potential injury. However, it is important to remember that extremely steep slopes are not ideal conditions for our units, as they rest on four wheels and some containers hold upwards of 8,000 pounds when full.

In these scenarios, it is best to place the container at street level or anywhere that is completely flat. *Remember, both the truck and the container need to have room on a flat surface to complete the delivery.

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