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Appleton Portable Storage Containers for Rent

Mobile Storage Containers for Rent Near You

Searching for convenient, affordable onsite storage in Appleton? When you need to store items for moving, renovation, restoration, home staging, or any other reason, call Go Mini's of Appleton, WI for the most convenient option available. Our on-site storage containers in Wisconsin are designed with you in mind, from a more manageable container elevation to your choice of a roll-down or swinging door. We offer a ‘move at your own pace’ policy and take care of all the transporting of the container, so you can relax knowing we’re here to provide the convenient assistance you’re seeking.

Call our Apple storage company at (920) 345-0932 or contact us online! We'll help you get a quote on our storage containers for rent. 

Customers choose to rent Go Mini’s® for:

  • Preparing for a remodel, renovation, or restoration project
  • Storing items that won’t fit in your current property
  • Supply and inventory storage for business
  • Temporary office space
  • Moving to their new home or business

Our Portable Storage Container Rental Process

We strive to make your entire experience as smooth and seamless as possible, starting with the rental process.

To schedule one (or more) of our portable storage units for rent:

  1. Let us know when you need a storage unit, and where you’d like it dropped off.
  2. We’ll bring the unit to you and securely place it wherever you’ve marked a spot preference.
  3. Keep the container however long you’d like – weeks, months, you name it!
  4. Once your mobile storage container is packed up, let us know where you’d like it brought to or stored, and our professional drivers will handle the relocation.
  5. When you’ve finished using your container, we’ll come and pick it up for you.

Curious to learn more about Go Mini? Read some of our customer reviews or check out our photo gallery!

It’s as easy as that! And you’ve got options as to how you’d like to use the container:

  • Store it on your current property
  • Store it at your new property
  • Store it at our secure, climate-controlled facility

Is a Storage Container Cheaper than a Traditional Storage Unit?

Honestly, it depends on what you are storing and how long you need to store it. If you have a lot of bulky items to store and/or you only need storage for a short time, portable storage units offer a great value. While you may find a lower monthly rate with some self-storage facilities, you'll want to factor in other costs and the convenience factor, such as:

  • Truck rental or transportation - Go Mini's takes care of all the transportation, eliminating the need to rent a moving truck to haul your items or fill up your gas tank for several trips across town.
  • Contract length - Self-storage facilities may lock you into a contract or give you a lower price if you opt for a multi-month payment, while Go Mini's features flat rates and open-ended rental terms.
  • Accessibility - A traditional storage space often restricts access to business hours, or at the very least requires a drive to the facility. A portable storage container can remain onsite, so you can monitor it and access it quickly, if necessary.

Why Choose Go Mini's of Appleton, WI?

Besides our courteous service, dependable policies, and convenient processes, our units are superior with:

  • Your choice of 12-, 16-, and/or 20-foot units
  • Sealed and pressure-treated flooring for a surface that’s moisture-resistant
  • Galvanized steel exterior and framing for added durability
  • Proper ventilation measures to prevent mold or mildew
  • Quality insulation to protect your items from the elements
  • Tie-down railings mounted for the option to strap bulky items in place
  • Padded wheels for smooth transportation of your valuables and to keep your driveway free from scuffs
  • 8” elevation, allowing for sufficient height to avoid water seepage while not necessitating a precarious ramp

We're a locally owned and operated business backed by a nationwide franchise. For quality mobile storage units in Appleton, call (920) 345-0932 or get your instant quote online.

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