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With the Summer season upon us, local moves and home projects begin to pick-up for many residents. As June marks the start of the busy season for moving we are here to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

  1. How much lead time do you recommend for a Go Mini’s reservation?
  • We request 2-5 days lead time, however there are times when we can do next day delivery although with the busy season approaching that is less common, but it does not hurt to ask!
  1. What size Go Mini container should I get?
  • We offer multiple sizes to fit all your storage needs. All our containers are 8 feet wide and 8 feet high, and they vary in length from 12ft, 16ft, and 20ft.
  • Our 12ft unit holds approximately 2-3 rooms of furniture.
  • Our 16ft unit holds approximately 3-4 rooms of furniture.
  • Our 20ft unit holds approximately 5-6 rooms of furniture.
  • If you would like assistance in determining which size would be most suitable for you, feel free to give us a call, we are more than happy to help you figure out which size would be best for your needs.
  1. Does someone need to be home to accept delivery of the Go Mini?
  • We do not require that someone be present for delivery, however some customers do prefer to be home in order to show exact placement. If you are not home for delivery, we are able to email you the important documents that are needed for the rental.
  1. Can you store my Go Mini for me?
  • Yes! Whether you are in-between moves, or just decluttering to make room for home renovations, you have the option of leaving the unit on your own property for however long you need, or we can come pick up the unit and store it at our facility until you are ready for your items again.
  1. Are Go Mini containers weatherproof?
  • Yes! Our containers are made from galvanized steel which prevents the units from sweating. Although the units are not climate controlled, they are equipped with a vent that allows natural airflow inside the unit to reduce the chance of moisture and humidity that would contribute to mold and mildew. Go Mini’s are designed to withstand everchanging weather conditions and ensure the protection of your belonging all year long.

Go Mini’s has the best portable storage containers in the industry. If you are looking to make a reservation or have any further questions or concerns, please give us a call at (203) 601-7626. We are more than happy to help!

Tom Gleason, General Manager, Go Mini's of Northern Fairfield and Litchfield Counties

About the Author

Tom Gleason, General Manager
Go Mini's of Northern Fairfield and Litchfield Counties

Since 2018, Tom Gleason has served as General Manager of Go Mini's of Northern Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, as well as four other locations in the Tri-State area. He oversees daily operations and provides our customers with the exceptional service experience Go Mini's is known for. Learn more about Tom and our whole team on our About Us page.

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