Store Your Belongings Safe From Heat and Humidity

Customers often ask if our units are climate controlled or stored inside a climate controlled facility. But the definition of “climate control” can vary from one company to the next. When it comes to choosing a solution for your storage situation, know what climate concerns to have and what you need to keep your belongings safe.

Protection from humidity

More than heat, humidity is often the main cause of damage to your belongings. Here in the Deep South, moisture is almost always in the air, promoting mold and mildew growth. Lock your belongings in a unit without ventilation, and you may come back to mildew on your upholstered furniture or a permanently stale smell on all your clothes.

Ventilated storage containers, like those offered at Go Mini’s, allow for continuous air circulation in the container. Even if a container is left for an extended period of time, fresh air will continue to flow throughout the environment. This ventilation reduces moisture and humidity, warding off mold and mildew.

A lack of moisture in the air can also cause damage to your wood furniture, cracking as it dries out. [1] All Go Mini’s units are outfitted with multiple vents, providing proper air flow and a happy medium for all your belongings.

Protection from the sun

Your things can typically withstand higher temperatures, but what about the sun? Whether stored for a week or a month, sun damage can cause fabrics and furniture polishes to quickly fade. Many storage solutions come with a translucent roof, meaning long days of baking under the sun’s rays. That rug you love likely won’t have the same vibrant colors afterward.

At Go Mini’s, all storage solutions come with a solid metal, opaque roof. Not only are items protected from any outside weather, the worry of sun damage is completely wiped off the table. There is no risk to the colors of your clothes, rugs, art, and upholstered items. The finish on wood furniture will stay just as rich and shiny as the day you left it.

Will my possessions be safe in a Go Mini's ventilated unit?

In short, yes! Go Mini’s offers heated and ventilated storage units, which are a great, affordable solution for most situations. With this specific climate control solution, heat is blown into the unit to add warmth in the winter. Throughout the entire year, the space is ventilated to encourage air flow and ward off damage from humidity.

Most belongings can be stored safely in this environment. However, it's important to note what personal items will need another solution:

  • Antiques

  • Paintings and photos

  • Family Heirlooms

  • Musical Instruments

  • Wine

  • Collectibles

  • Electronics

  • Leather, Suede, and other sensitive materials [2]

Other storage companies may offer “true” climate control, meaning a temperature controlled unit. However, such units are expensive and usually unnecessary for those looking to store their belongings for short periods of time. Temperature control also can’t ensure protection from humidity.

With Go Mini’s heated and ventilated storage units, your household goods will be safe from any climate-related issue here in Augusta. Thanks to the ventilation systems and opaque roofing on all of our units, an affordable, year-round storage solution is at your fingertips. Find out more about the advantages of local and reliable storage with Go Mini's.