Portable Storage For Augusta, GA Hospitality Businesses

With the first month of the year already behind us and Augusta’s busiest week of the year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how the increased travel, tourism, and hospitality that arrives in early April may impact your needs for additional dry and cold storage. For many of our returning customers, the clock is ticking and rentals are already booked, but if you’re still on the fence or you're a new business experiencing your first April in Augusta, now is the time to get organized and prepare!

Preparation Project Storage

Flipping your restaurant or hotel or adding additional outdoor space to your patio or retail spot to serve additional customers? Then you’ll likely need somewhere to store furniture, racking, additional inventory and more as you prepare.

Go Mini’s portable storage containers offer the perfect on-site storage solution when and where you need it. Don’t want the container sitting on property taking up valuable parking spots come April? No worries, we can pick them up ahead of time or store your filled containers at our warehouse until you have space for them again.

Inventory Storage

Many specialty retailers and local shops experience an influx of visiting customers and having the appropriate inventory on-site allows them to take advantage of the increased sales opportunities. Go Mini's offers 3 container sizes to ensure you have the space you need to backstock your inventory as we head into April.


Refrigerated Storage Solutions

Some of the area businesses that experience the largest influx of business this time of year are our local restaurants, catering groups, and hospitality businesses. Often, area businesses aren’t equipped to order and store additional food and beverage deliveries to maintain service throughout the week, so having a cold storage backup has proven to be an excellent option.

Our CoolIt! cold storage containers offer temperature-controlled storage fit to maintain temperatures as low as 0F degrees.

Want to keep your cooler organized and your food inventory easy to manage? Ask us about our racking rentals to ensure you have the space fit for your business needs.

Short-term Special Event Rentals

Hosting a big event and need a little extra space as you prepare? Our containers can go anywhere and we’ve even partnered with some of the area’s most popular events like the city’s red carpet tour and corporate hospitality groups to ensure that items are available on site and when needed.

The perfect partner for your Property Management Group

Managing home rentals, cleaning schedules, linen changes and more can be a challenge, and having the space for all that short term inventory can be even more daunting. We partner with local property management groups to provide additional storage options for needed supplies at central locations around the CSRA, making it easier for them to manage and access what they need to create a great stay for their rental property guests.

Need storage? We’ve got you covered.

Get a jump start on your planning now and call Go Mini’s of Augusta or our partners at CoolIt! Cold Storage to reserve your dry or cold storage containers today!

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