Portable Storage Solutions for Fall Events in Augusta, GA

As autumn leaves start to fall in Augusta, GA, the city gears up for a busy season of vibrant festivals, philanthropic events, and community gatherings. From the lively Greek Festival to the inspiring Arts in the Heart event, football fundraisers, and more, there's a lot happening in the CSRA. And with these events comes a need for innovative, convenient, and reliable storage solutions for event planners and vendors alike.

Enter Go Mini's Augusta and CoolIt!, offering the perfect blend of portable dry and refrigerated storage options to meet your unique event needs.

Why Choose Go Mini's and CoolIt! For Your Event Storage Needs?

Go Mini's and CoolIt! offer tailored solutions that are flexible and customizable to your event's specific requirements. Here's why you should consider us for your event storage needs:

1. Tailored Portable Storage Solutions

Go Mini's portable storage units are designed to handle a variety of storage needs. Whether you're an event planner coordinating a state fair or a vendor setting up shop at an arts festival, these units can efficiently house your supplies, merchandise, and equipment. We deliver these units right to your location, saving you energy, time, and resources. Our secure storage containers are the perfect solution for your on-site, temporary storage needs. You can have your container dropped right where you need it, making preparation a breeze.

Plus, we offer a wide range of unit sizes from 12-foot to 20-foot, so you can be sure that we have a storage option for you.

2. Refrigerated Storage with CoolIt!

Food vendors and breweries will appreciate our CoolIt! portable walk-in cooler containers. These climate-controlled units are perfect for on-site, temporary storage of food and beverages, and are designed with festivals and community events in mind. Our CoolIt! containers are food-grade storage units, and unlike many of our competitors, we take the time to sanitize containers between uses. We use industrial-grade cleaners to ensure that the containers you receive eliminate cross-contamination risks and are fit for the short-term refrigerated storage needs of your business or event.

Our 10-foot cold storage containers are durable, weatherproof, and can address your refrigerated and freezer storage needs. Plus, they offer an incredibly convenient option to keep your food and drinks safe, secure, and at health regulation temperature levels. We’ll deliver your cold storage before the event, so you have time to fill it. Once everything is done, we’ll pick it up. It’s that easy!

3. Pop-Up Shop for Festivals or Markets

Our storage units can be used as single-use “pop-up shop” units for a festival or market. This means you can set up your pop-up shop inside our unit, place racks or portable shelving, and operate without any hassle, providing a convenient way to bring your shop directly to the event. However, we ask that no permanent modifications or markings be made to the interior or exterior of the container.

We’ll drop off your storage unit before the event, and haul it away once it’s done, giving you an incredibly easy option for setting up shop.

Make Your Fall Event a Success with Go Mini's and CoolIt!

With Go Mini's Augusta and CoolIt!, you can focus on what matters most — creating memorable experiences for your guests and customers. Our portable storage solutions are designed to adapt to your event schedule, ensuring peace of mind that your equipment and inventory are protected and accessible when you need them

So, whether you're planning for the Fort Gordon Fall Festival, Marvinganza, Columbia County Fair, or the Georgia Carolina State Fair, remember that Go Mini's Augusta and CoolIt! are here to support you with your storage needs.

Learn more about our convenient portable storage service options and our portable walk-in cooler and freezers, and reach out to us today for a free quote. Let's make your fall event in Augusta, GA a success!

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