Moving Your College Student Out For The Summer

The semester is almost over, and for many college students, it can be a stressful time. Taking your finals, packing your things, and saying goodbye to your friends can all be hard. That’s why we want to make your student’s end of the semester a little easier. Here are a few tips when it comes to packing up for Summer break.


How Will They Be Getting Home?


One thing you should consider is how your student will be getting home. Are they: Driving themselves, getting a ride from a friend, or are you helping them move out? This will determine how much they can take home with them or what they will need to discard or place in storage ahead of moving day.


Riding home with their friends

If your student is riding home with their friend they need to take into consideration that the car will be packed with possessions for 2 rather than 1. Explain to your student that they need to coordinate with whomever is driving them home to ensure that their items will have enough room to be brought along. If there isn’t enough space, consider shipping items ahead or finding a temporary storage solution close to campus that you can use over the summer break.


Driving themselves home

If your student has their own car to ride home in it is up to them to get their car ready to drive home. Explain to your student they should do the following before driving home.

1. Clean out their car! This will allow your student to have more room to pack their belongings.

2. Pack their car safely. You want to make sure your student isn’t blocking blind spots with their belongings. Explain that they need to keep all windows clear to ensure safety and avoid getting a ticket!

3. Car inspection. Before they head home for the summer, your student should take their car in to get inspected. This way you know they won’t be breaking down halfway home!

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Riding home with you

If you are able to, taking your student home from college is a great experience for the both of you. You will get to learn all about how their semester went and remember that moment forever. If you are driving your student home for the summer this will make it easier to pack up more items.


Moving out of your College Dorm? Get a Go Mini!

For families in the Augusta, GA area or Columbia, SC area, Go Mini’s is a great, temporary storage solution. Once your student arrives home, we can deliver one of our smaller containers, perfectly sized for holding the contents of a dorm or one-bedroom apartment. Once the container is loaded, we can store it off-site at our secure facility until you’re ready to prep for back to school in August.


Having this simple and easy storage solution gives you flexibility to load and organize the container at your own pace, and ensures that you won’t have tons of college “stuff” cluttering up all the extra space in your home throughout the summer. Interested in learning more? Reach out today for a free estimate or to schedule your at-home delivery.


Make A Packing To-Do List


Packing can be a daunting task and we don’t want your student to wait until the last minute. On top of everything else they have going on this will lead to stress. Here are some steps your student should take to help keep the packing process going.

  1. Do your laundry

  2. Wash your dishes

  3. Eat or donate your uneaten food

  4. Donate the clothes you no longer need


Where Will Your Student Store Their Belongings?


Before the moving process begins, the most important thing you should think about is storage! Where will their excess belongings go once they are home? If your student is in between dorms or apartment leases Go Mini’s has the perfect solution for them. Go Mini’s offers storage containers in 3 sizes: 12, 16, and 20 feet. We offer two options when it comes to where you store our containers. The first option is storing it at your home but if that’s not for you then we off on-site storage at our facility.


Are you ready to prepare for your college students move? Go Mini’s offers affordable and flexible storage options. You have the option of both long or short-term storage. Visit our website or call us today for a quote. 706. 659. 9747