Clear The Clutter & Prepare to Sell

Are you looking to sell your home this year? The best place to start is with clearing the clutter. Homes that are decluttered and well-staged offer potential buyers an opportunity to envision themselves in the home, and often help homes sell faster, and for more money.

Where To Start

When we think of decluttering our homes our first thought might be physical piles of clutter. While getting rid of physical clutter is important, there are other aspects of “clutter” that need to be addressed before your home is ready to show.

Visually Declutter

Patterns, furniture, and certain colors fall under the visual clutter category. If your home has busy patterns or colors these should be changed. This will cause your potential buyers to become distracted from what your home has to offer.

Depersonalizing Your Home

Although it’s hard to depersonalize your home, it makes it easier to sell. Depersonalizing your home will help the buyer see your home as move-in ready. Once you have depersonalized your home it is time to stage.


Staging will help draw more attention to your home. Staging can range from replacing furniture to art. Having a neutral style of decor will reach a range of buyers, no matter what their decorating style may be. Your stager will choose the right size furniture and even your wall color (if needed) to open up your floor plan.

When staging your home your personal items will need to go somewhere. If you need extra space while you’re decluttering and paring down your items, consider a storage container.

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Storage Container

A storage container is a great place to store your excess clutter for the time being. Go Mini’s offers three container sizes: 12, 16, and 20 feet. What makes our storage containers stand out from the rest?

  • Our units are eight feet high

  • There is eight inches of ground clearance for easy loading and avoiding water

  • The units are vented to reduce moisture and humidity

  • Locking roll-up/ swing doors

  • Sturdy railings for tie-downs

  • Steel-welded frames and steel siding

  • Factory-baked paint to prevent sweating

  • Padded wheels to protect your driveway



If you are getting ready to sell your home it is always advisable to stage your home. While bringing in staged furniture, your furniture will need to go somewhere for the time being. Our containers are low to the ground, making it easy to load even your more bulky items.

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If you prefer not to keep your container in your driveway while your home is on the market, Go Mini’s offers on-site storage at our facility. Once you have loaded your container, Go Mini’s will come and pick up your container. Whenever you are ready and settled into your new home we will bring your container back to you to unload at your own pace.

Are you ready to get moving? Go Mini’s is the perfect solution for your storage needs. Call us today at 706. 659. 9747 or visit our website to get a quote.