Go Mini's: Year In Review

Did you hear? The end of the year is near. It’s time for our year in review for everything we’ve accomplished in 2021. We’ve come a long way this year and will continue to grow. Thanks to all of our loyal customers and staff for allowing all of these goals to happen!

New Containers

10 Containers

Within the last year, Go Mini’s purchased 10 new containers. There are now 207 containers in the Augusta Fleet.

Refrigerated Units

8 Containers

Go Mini’s proudly offers refrigerated storage solutions in partnership with CoolIt, the newest in the ETG family of businesses.. Eight units were added to the fleet (4-10 ft. and 4-20 ft.) in 2021. We aren’t stopping there, our fleet of refrigerated containers will continue to grow in 2022.

Team Members


This year we were lucky enough to add two new faces to our team! Additionally, Go Mini’s of Augusta has officially added our second full-time driver.

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Year over year Go Mini’s has experienced 31% growth.

Container Occupancy


Our average container occupancy rate in 2021 was 87%. If you’re thinking of renting for your move or your next big project, make sure to plan ahead to ensure your preferred dates.

Units Delivered


We are proud to serve businesses and residents across the CSRA. In 2021 our team made over 476 deliveries.

Partner Deliveries


In 2021, Go Mini’s dedicated 29% of our deliveries to our corporate partners, such as builders, restoration companies, and local retail and hospitality businesses.



We have driven over 42,000 miles delivering containers to our loyal customers in 2021!

Looking Forward To 2022

"Here We Grow Again"

We're excited to share that our team will be expanding our market coverage to include the Columbia, SC territory. Our new territory comes with the addition of 100 new containers to our fleet and we are excited to begin serving this new market in Spring 2022.

Stay tuned for more information and be sure to tell your family and friends that Go Mini's easy and convenient on-site storage solutions are coming to Columbia, SC very soon.