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Tips for Planning Your Pre-Move Yard Sale

One of the first things to do when planning for a move is to decide WHAT you’ll be moving. Prior to loading up your Go Mini, it’s a good idea to take time and sort through items and decide what you will need and use in your new home and what you can sell, donate, or need to dispose of.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash ahead of your move, consider selling items online or hosting a yard sale. If a yard sale is in your future, here are a few tips to help you get started.

How to prep for a yard sale

When planning a yard sale, think about your timeline. Allow enough time before your yard sale to complete planning and all the prep work required. Then, be sure to leave enough time after your sale to donate the items that did not sell, so it doesn’t interfere with your packing and moving day tasks.

When prepping items for your yard sale consider these tips.

Collecting Items
Go room by room and sort your items accordingly. Dedicate one space in your house to collect items and organize them before your sale.

Labeling Items for Sale
Settle on prices and label everything. This will save time and price related questions on the day of the sale.

Advertising Your Yard Sale
Post flyers both online and in print in the local newspaper. Also, take advantage of local social media groups, and share information with people around your neighborhood.

Setting Up for Your Yard Sale
Organizing beforehand will make setting up easier and faster. Group like items together, this will make it easier for shoppers to find what they came to look for. Decide and set up a specific area for payment. Be sure to have signage pointing to the payment area if it is not easily visible. Keep plastic bags and extra price stickers on hand throughout the sale, just in case.

What to Expect on Yard Sale Day
Be prepared for shoppers to show up early while you are still setting up. A recommendation for pricing is to make everything an even dollar amount to eliminate the need for coin change and beforehand get small bills to give change.

Post Yard Sale Tips
Decide what items left after the sale will be donated or listed for virtual sale. Moving these items directly after the sale, instead of back into your home, will help you be sure they go to the right place before your move-in day.

Tips for organizing items for your yard sale

1. Sort items in categories of similar items (kitchen, furniture, toys, etc.)

2. Package items with many parts or pieces together so they aren’t separated (toys, games, outfit sets, etc.). Pre-sort and group items to save time the morning of the yard sale.

3. Position large and valuable items visible to the street. This will attract customers to come to look at the rest of your items. Small valuable items should be near the pay station.

4. Hang clothes on a rack to be more visible.

5. Unpack and display all items, preferably on a table as most customers will not bend down. Only display items on folding tables or items for sale. Borrow or rent folding tables if you do not have them.

Sorting Quick Tips

Items that are sure to sell:

  • Dishes

  • Cookware

  • Kitchen supplies

  • Toys and games

  • Artwork and frames

  • Tools

  • Furniture

Some items are best to be sold online, if you will take the time to link and follow up with them:

  • High-end brand name items

  • Gold jewelry, coins, etc.

  • Items that are large or heavy and will require buyer pickup

Items best suited for donation or discard:

  • Stained clothing or dishware

  • Used beauty products

  • Worn linens

  • Food containers

How Go Mini's Can Help

As you're organizing items for the sale, you can store them in a Go Mini’s storage container without having to give up space in your garage or a room in your home. Our storage containers come in 3 sizes to accommodate the amount of storage you need. Our vented storage containers offer a low-clearance entry, making it easy to load items in and out, and their padded wheels will protect your driveway.

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