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Prepare Now For Your Spring Projects

It’s that time of year, spring cleaning and preparation to-do lists are coming together ahead of tournament week here in Augusta. For many residents who plan to rent out their homes during the event, that means tackling home projects, sprucing up their spaces, and then finding temporary storage for items during tournament week.

The pre-event prep often looks the same for many area businesses who flip their spaces, bring in additional inventory, or plan and execute additional events throughout the week; all activities which require a little extra storage and space planning.


Whether you’re preparing your home to host your own guests or to rent to tournament patrons through a third-party service, much of the prep work is the same. You will want to take time to do some deep cleaning including things like
  • Wash baseboards, door frames, ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls
  • Dust blinds, furniture, and fixtures
  • Clean windows (inside and out)
  • Pressure wash your home’s exterior spaces
  • Deep clean bathrooms
  • Replace shower curtain liners
  • Wash/launder all bedding and throw pillows
  • Deep clean carpets and floors
  • Declutter your home

If your project list includes larger-scale projects like replacing or refinishing flooring, completing small renovation projects or packing away items for temporary storage, Go Mini’s provides a great option for your temporary storage needs. Whether you want to store our container on-site for the duration of your project, or you need us to store it off-site at our warehouse location during tournament week, we have flexible options to fit your unique project-based needs.


If your business is expecting an influx of inventory or supplies to keep up with increased demand as tournament week approaches, our on-site storage solutions offer the extra square footage you need on temporary rental terms that are flexible and cost effective.

For some organizations this annual event means the opportunity to host a variety of functions throughout the week, requiring event rentals, staging, and more, often in locations that can be hard to get to or even inaccessible with delivery trucks during tournament week. Having an on-site storage option in place means your items are on-site and ready for setup as soon as you need them in advance of the events with no additional logistics planning needed! You can have items delivered to your unit in the days leading up to the event and keep them locked up and dry inside one of our three storage units.


If you’re thinking that flex storage space sounds like something you could use, we recommend planning ahead. As the time for this annual event gets closer, our delivery windows and availability become less flexible. Plan ahead and make sure you’re on the schedule and have your storage needs taken care of! 

No matter what projects have you in search of a few extra square feet of space to store items away, Go Mini’s is here to help. Our containers offer a variety of space solutions for both on and off-site storage. Call today and setup a delivery, keep the container as long as you need it and let us know when you’re ready for a final pick up. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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