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Preparing for Your Summer Move

We are gearing up for what many in the moving industry refer to as “peak season.” Summer can be one of the busiest times of year to move, so being prepared and knowing what to expect will go a long way in ensuring you and your family a ready when moving day arrives.

Here are some of our top tips to help you plan and prepare for a D.I.Y. Move with Go Mini’s this summer.

Plan Ahead

Like many other families, if you’ve pinpointed summer as the perfect time for your upcoming move, you’re likely waiting on the school year to end and all your kids’ activities to wrap up.

Because summer is one of the busiest times for relocations, many moving companies are faced with full schedules, tight delivery timelines, and resources. If you are anticipating a move in June or July, it’s best to plan ahead. Select a date and call to reserve your Go Mini container early! This ensures that we will have the portable storage container you need to get your move completed on time.

Lighten Your Load

Spring is the perfect time to plan a yard sale, and if your move already has you sorting through all your storage spaces, take the opportunity to lighten your load. Pull out items you rarely use and set them aside for donation or plan a yard sale to make some extra money to cover moving expenses.

If you don’t have enough items for a full-blown yardsale, consider selling items on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and Nextdoor.

Know your Timeline

As you’re planning for your portable storage container rental, consider realistic timelines. It’s important to allow yourself enough time to organize and pack the container carefully so that you can ensure items are prepped and ready for transit.

You also want to make sure to allow yourself plenty of time on the back end of your relocation to get the container unloaded before the scheduled pickup date. Consider how many things you have and how much time you are willing to set aside to complete these tasks in the days and weeks surrounding your move.

Coordinate Pickup and Delivery

When you’re planning for a D.I.Y. relocation, it’s important to coordinate pickup and delivery dates in advance. Especially during busier seasons, you want to make sure the dates for your container relocation are on the calendar at least a week in advance. This allows our team to schedule their daily routes accordingly and ensure that your container can be picked up and delivered when and where you need it.

Schedule at your convenience!

You can schedule all appointments (delivery, relocation, and final pick up) upfront when you make your initial reservation or you can call and schedule appointments as you need them. We kindly ask that you book appointments a week or more in advance.  

Ready to book your D.I.Y. summer move? Contact us today to get started.