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Convenient Holiday Inventory Storage

For many businesses, November marks the start of the Holiday shopping season. As consumers gear up for holiday spending, retailers are often making plans to beef up their inventory.

More inventory ordered means that more storage is required to hold stock of items. If your business is considering ordering less stock to keep on hand because of a lack of useable storage space, consider giving Augusta Go-Mini’s a call!

Our convenient, on-site storage containers mean we can deliver a solution right to your door. Containers come in 3 different sizes, so you can rent the amount of storage YOU need and have it placed on-site in a location that is easy to access whenever you need it.


  • 8 FT. TALL : Our containers are 8 feet tall offering plenty of space for you to stack boxes and containers, or even store excess fixtures for your retail establishment.
  • LOW TO THE GROUND: Our containers sit just 8 inches off the ground, high enough to protect from low levels of standing water, but low enough for you to easily move boxes of inventory in and out.
  • INTERIOR TIE DOWNS: Our containers have serval interior tie-down points along the walls, making it easy for you to secure items inside the container, if needed.
  • SECURE LATCH: Our latches are designed for a place to include your own padlock to ensure that you items are always safe and sound inside the container.
  • ON-GOING RENTAL: You decide how long you want to keep your container! For your convenience, our 30-day rentals are automatically renewed until you call to schedule your final pick-up. No monthly calls are needed to extend your rental for long-term use.
  • LONG TERM OPTIONS AVAILABLE: With some holiday merchandise, you might be selling the same items year-to-year, so having an overage after the holiday season means that you need a place to keep it all until the next holiday season rolls around. If this is you, don’t worry about clogging up your internal storage space, talk with us about long-term leasing options so you have on-site, easy to access storage whenever you need it.

If you need extra space as your business prepares for the upcoming holiday season, contact Go Minis of Augusta today, we’d love to help!