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Clear the Clutter: One Month to Clutter-Free

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s a sign that spring is surely on the way. It’s also a sign that spring cleaning is on the horizon and, for most of us, spring cleaning can be anything from deep cleaning your home to clearing the unnecessary clutter or preparing for a bigger change or event. This time of year, many of our customers are looking for temporary storage to help them tackle the task of de-cluttering their homes or businesses. There may be many reasons you are hoping to de-clutter this season.

Renting for Tournament Week:

If you are preparing to rent your home for the 2018 Masters Tournament, you will likely be doing a variety of cleaning and decluttering tasks. It can be hard to find places to store all of the items that can’t be left in your home while you’re renting it, and that’s where we can help! Our portable storage solutions allow you the time you need to load your items on-site, at your home, and can then be stored off-site during Master’s week. This ensures that your items are safe and also ensures that your container isn’t taking up valuable parking space for your renters during the week.

Preparing to Sell Your Home:

Spring and summer are known as peak selling seasons in the Real Estate world. According to Zillow, the best time to list is “from March Madness through Masters Week.” Listing during this timeframe has historically resulted in approximately 15% faster sell time and 2% higher closing price, on average. Additionally, peak move season is May – August, which means that many people are looking to purchase/sell/close on their homes in preparation to move in those summer months.

When preparing to sell, many professionals focus on staging and ensuring your home presents well for potential buyers, this means clearing the clutter and storing away unnecessary items throughout you home. Preparing to sell might also mean making some updates like replacing flooring or redoing some of your spaces, which means you’ll likely need some extra storage space for the items in those rooms. Using a Go-Mini is a great way to also get a jumpstart when moving time comes; you can finish loading remaining items in your container and have it delivered to your new home after closing for an easy and affordable D.I.Y. relocation option.

Spring Cleaning:

Did you know that 72% of Americans participate in some sort of Spring Cleaning Ritual every year? Whether you’re deep cleaning your home or using Spring cleaning as an opportunity to sort, organize, and declutter your home, you can always use a bit of extra storage space as you work through your spring cleaning to-do list this year, making Go-Mini’s a great solution. You can rent for just one month and you will have on-site access to items as you are cleaning and organizing rooms throughout your home.

Whatever your reasons, Augusta Go Mini’s is here to help by offering short term storage solutions while you de-clutter your space in preparation for your spring plans.

Uses for a Go Mini:

  • Store personal items temporarily out of your home in anticipation of those Masters guests
  • Clear The Clutter from your home to prepare for virtual tours/pictures and potential buyer walk-throughs
  • Store items that are ‘for sale’ in your unit until you organize and prepare a yard sale for the unwanted items