One Container, Complete Convenience

Convenient Portable Storage in Sacramento

High Quality Drop Off Storage Containers

Do you need a temporary storage solution? Go Mini’s® portable storage units can help you keep your next project organized or make your next move a cinch. We bring the mobile storage containers you need right to your driveway when you’re ready to pack, and we pick them up after you finish. Our drivers will either transport them to your new location or deliver them to our secure indoor Sacramento storage hub.

What Makes Our On Site Storage Containers the Superior Option

Our on site storage containers are better than competitors’, and we don’t just say that because we think it sounds impressive. It’s true! Our patented container design includes:

  • Steel-welded frames and siding to safeguard contents
  • More railings and tie-downs
  • Secure locking roll-up or swing doors
  • Driveway-friendly padded wheels
  • Proper venting to reduce trapped moisture
  • Treated and sealed moisture-resistant flooring
  • High clearance to keep your belongings safe and dry

We also offer three convenient size options—and we’re the only storage company that offers 20-foot containers for your larger items.

How to Efficiently Pack a Portable Storage Container

If you are using a portable storage unit as a temporary to medium-term solution for storage, you may need to load up the unit with a significant number of items. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Sacramento mobile storage unit:

  • Wait on important items: If you are loading items that you may need during the storage term, it is best to keep the as close to the front as possible. Make sure everything non-essential gets loaded first.
  • Pack vertically: Creating a top-to-bottom wall of boxes is the best way to make use of all the space in a mobile storage container. Furniture and the heaviest items can be placed at the base with medium sized and lighter items stacked on top.
  • Balance weight: Placing heavy items on all sides of a mobile storage unit can help distribute weight evenly. This is an important step in preventing heavier items from leaning into or falling on lighter items.
  • Disassemble furniture: Furniture legs can take up more space than necessary. Breaking down furniture like tables can also make them easier to move and arrange.
  • Use tie-down straps if necessary: If you are relocating your mobile storage container, you may want to use straps on any items that are stacked high or sit near open space inside the unit.
  • Fill in the gaps: Keeping empty spaces filled with boxes or bags of light items will help secure everything in place if you end up deciding to move the storage container.

Hassle Free Storage Rental Containers

When you rent a unit from Go Mini's, you have the freedom to keep it as long as you want with the total rental costs calculated on a monthly basis. Our pricing is transparent, so you will know the costs before your last day arrives.

Whether you’re moving, renovating, or reorganizing, our on-site Sacramento storage containers will remove the stress of figuring out how to store and move your items. Go Mini’s has over 200 locations nationwide so wherever you need to go, we’ll help you get there.

Get your free quote online or call us at (916) 831-7447 to schedule your delivery.