One Container, Complete Convenience

Moving Container Company in Madison, WI

Affordable Moving Pods Near You

Moving is a significant task – even if you are relocating just a few miles away. Fortunately, Go Mini's of Madison is ready to help! Our portable containers are an excellent solution to make your move convenient and hassle-free as possible. Easy to rent and affordable to use, they offer a much-needed alternative to relying on professional movers and truck rentals. We can drop off our portable container at any spot and pick it up anytime that works for you.

For affordable moving containers near you, call us at (608) 560-5596 or get a quote online!

If you need to load your belongings before the actual move-in date, we can even safely store our portable containers at one of our secure local storage facilities. This option might even help you avoid the nuisance of temporarily renting a storage unit. Bypass the hassle of unloading and reloading it all back onto a moving truck in a short amount of time by leaving your things in one of our well-protected pods.

State-of-the-Art Pods

You can rest assured knowing our portable containers are:

  • Protected by industrial-grade locks
  • Spacious & insulated
  • Moisture-proof
  • Bolstered by steel-welded frames
  • Equipped with tie-down rails
  • Easy to access, sitting just 8 inches above the ground on padded wheels

Our secure portable containers come in three distinct sizes: 12-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot units. Our 20-foot-long unit is the largest container in the industry – offering enough extra space to fit an entire room of furniture. Feel free to contact us to determine the best size container for you!

By renting a portable container, you will also enjoy the benefits of moving at your pace. Our team will promptly deliver and transfer your portable container to its new location at your request. You can keep it on-site or stored in our Madison storage facility for the length of time you need.

Driving a moving truck across town on busy city streets is unnerving. Skip this step altogether by relying on Go Mini's of Madison to transport your portable container for you. We will move your pod safely and quickly to your new residence.

Dial (608) 560-5596 or get a quote online from your dependable local moving company!