One Container, Complete Convenience

Storage for Business Restoration in Denver

Convenient Mobile Containers for Temporary Storage

Are you tired of repeatedly loading and unloading your office furniture and supplies while your business is remodeling? Are you sick of wasting time taking multiple trips to the local storage center? If you are looking for a more convenient and affordable storage experience, Go Mini's of Denver, CO is your answer. Our portable storage containers can be placed anywhere, including directly on your property. Insulated, spacious, and secure, our best-in-class containers are an ideal way to store your things temporarily.

There are many scenarios where you might require extra storage. Our portable storage containers come in handy for both retail and commercial applications.

Customers often opt for our portable storage containers for:

  • Storing seasonal & occasional-use items – With our mobile units, you can easily store outdoor furniture, holiday decorations, gym / sports equipment, trade show displays, excess materials, or large stockpiles of promotional gifts, and then have quick access to these items whenever they are needed.
  • Organizing & uncluttering your professional space – Many businesses own unnecessary furniture, supplies, and seasonal products that take up significant office space. These belongings become eyesores as they stack up in corners and crannies. Improve the aesthetics and mobility of your business facility by creating a clean, immaculate, and minimalist workspace customers, guests, and employees will enjoy.
  • Storing records – Many industries require companies to retain large volumes of documents. With our portable storage containers, you can affordably and safely secure your documents directly outside your business location or at our local storage facility.
  • Storing surplus inventory – Whether you are dealing with an overflow of products or eager to reap the benefits of a lucrative bulk purchase, our portable units are the perfect solution for storing excess inventory until you are ready to restock.
  • Storing retail & commercial displays – Rotating a storefront display is a great way to attract customers. Our portable containers can provide safe storage for unused displays.
  • Storing until business opens – While waiting for a lease to begin or construction to complete, you can store your future products, accessories, furniture, and inventory in our portable containers.
  • Storing during renovations – Hauling all your materials, equipment, tools, and supplies across town is a hassle. Avoid making strenuous and time-consuming trips to a storage facility by setting up an on-site storage container during remodeling efforts. With the luxury of portable containers, you will reduce the number of times you have to load and unload your things into detached units.

About Our State-of-the-Art Storage Containers

Whatever your reasons for renting a storage container may be, you can be confident that the versatile sizes and options Go Mini's of Denver, CO offers will meet your needs. When you rent our portable units, time is on your side. Once the container is delivered, you can move at your own pace. We offer three portable containers sizes: 12-, 16-, and 20-feet in length.

You can rest assured your valuables will not be damaged while in storage. Every one of our containers is mold- and heat-resistant. Boasting a galvanized steel exterior, sealed and pressure-treated flooring, and factory-baked paint that prevents sweating, each container is moisture-resistant as well.

Equally important is the security of the containers. Our containers are protected by top-grade materials – with doors that tightly lock, steel-welded frames, and steel siding. Sitting on wheels that are padded to protect your property and elevated only 8-9 inches off the ground, each portable storage container is also high enough to be safe from floods while remaining low enough to offer easy access. Moving trucks with skinny ramps are a strain. With our containers, you will no longer need to lift and maneuver heavy items several feet off the ground.

Check out our storage calculator to determine the exact container size you need. Then call (303) 578-2849 or contact us online to get a rental quote for a storage container today!