One Container, Complete Convenience

Storage for Business Restoration in Austin

Keeping Commercial Belongings Safe During a Renovation

When you’re planning a commercial renovation project, the prospect of a rejuvenated space can be exciting but overshadow some of the crucial logistics like, what will you do with your office furniture and equipment?

Whether you own a retail store or manage a construction company, Go Mini's of Austin, TX is here to provide you with business storage options so that you can focus on revamping your workspace. Our experienced team in Austin has had the privilege of supporting small, mid-size, and large businesses with commercial storage solutions, offering various container options. Business owners like you can choose between our 12-, 16-, and 20-foot units to house your commercial belongings for as long as you need during your restoration project.

Beyond temporary storage during renovation, Austin businesses can use our containers for storing:

  • Overstock inventory – To account for future business, many companies purchase an abundance of inventory. Our storage containers are perfect for keeping and preserving these items long-term.
  • Seasonal decorations – Every business has an array of lights, inflatable figures, party supplies, and more to celebrate special occasions. If you manage a small office with few storage options, Go Mini’s containers are ideal for packing decorations away for annual use.
  • Extra office equipment and furniture – Growth is always top of mind for business owners, which means buying additional desks, chairs, and office supplies for future employees. We can keep these items safe and damage-free while you hire dependable staff.
  • Sensitive files and documents – Sometimes, the safest place for critical and sensitive documentation is off-site. Our storage specialists can offer you various choices to store important information.
  • Salvageable items after a natural disaster – Voluntary renovations aren’t the only restoration-related occurrences we support. After a devastating natural disaster, you may need a place to protect your commercial items from further damage, and Go Mini’s has the services for your exact needs.

The Benefits of Using Our Commercial Storage Containers for Renovations

We know that starting a business renovation can be tedious and sometimes stressful, but our team has options available to help make the process run smoothly. In fact, you have access to some inherent and built-in benefits by choosing us over other storage container companies in Austin.

Advantages of using our containers for your commercial renovation include the following:

  • You can keep the unit as long as you want, and we will never rush you to pick up or return your rental container.
  • You can take your time sorting and organizing your belongings. You have complete control of the sorting, organizing, and packing time. You can take as long as you need.
  • You get consistent protection for your possessions. Our containers are made from galvanized steel and moisture-treated inside to protect long-term storage items.
  • You have plenty of space inside each unit. Because you can select from our 12-, 16-, or 20-foot containers, you can decide which size works best for your situation or the number of business possessions you need to store.

When you trust our team to help you find the proper storage container, you won’t see any hidden fees or surprise charges.

If you’re ready to work with customer-focused professionals to support your business restoration, call (512) 675-5517 or request a quotetoday.