One Container, Complete Convenience

Storage for Business Restoration in Appleton

Whether you’re renovating or need more space for a bit as you establish a new business, Go Mini's of Appleton, WI is a convenient option that caters to you.

Companies that have benefitted from using our services include:

Shipping Companies – For businesses that ship their goods in-state, there’s no better option than Go Mini’s. Maximize large shipments by packing up a portable unit, let our professional drivers know where you need it delivered, and we’ll take care of the haul.

Retail Businesses – Where there’s lots of inventory, there’s a need for storage space. Keep your store conducive by holding your excess inventory in a portable storage container. All our units have pressure-treated flooring and proper ventilation. Not to mention that we’ll deliver your unit to you and bring it to our climate-controlled, secure facility once you’ve filled it up.

Moving Companies – Help your customers relocate with ease. We have 12-, 16-, and 20-foot options to fit customizable needs, and all come standard with padded wheels and tie-down railings for smooth, safe transportation.

Construction Companies – Have a portable storage unit with you onsite while completing a construction project. It’s a secure way to have all your tools readily available from day to day without hauling everything back and forth.

With our three sizing options, mix and match based on your needs. If you’re unsure, we’re just a phone call away. Feel free to dial (920) 345-0932 or use our online sizing calculator to help!

Portable Storage Containers Make Restoration a Breeze

Regardless of your business type, you have nearly endless options when deciding how you’d like to use your portable storage container.

Here are 6 ways businesses use our units:

  1. Preparing for a Remodel
  2. Overstock Storage
  3. Supply Storage Before Events
  4. Securely Hold Files & Records
  5. Temporary Office Space
  6. Storing Valuables During Damage Restoration

Your only limit is your imagination. We deliver a solution that prevents you from having to scoot boxes around an office or disassemble furniture to make more space. Whether you’re moving, recovering from damages, or looking for a place to store items that won't require driving back and forth, we’ve got your answer.

Why Choose Go Mini's of Appleton, WI?

The great thing about Go Mini’s is our ‘move at your own pace’ policy. We won’t rush you – choose exactly how long you would like to rent a container. Whether it’s a week, a month, or much longer, we’ll make it happen.

Our containers are highly versatile and designed for convenience:

  • Elevated 8” from the ground, so there is no need for a ramp. Loading and unloading will be much easier and your unit is still raised to prevent water seepage.
  • Steel-welded siding ensures the container is solid for extra protection.
  • The exterior is made from galvanized steel with factory-baked paint overlayed to prevent sweating.
  • We will always drop off your container where you’ve marked. When you’re finished, our professional drivers will pick it up for you and relocate it safely.
  • Containers are properly insulated for protection from the elements.
  • Our units have more usable space inside by cubic feet than any of our competitors.
  • Containers are regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure you’ll get the maximum benefits from your rental.

Locally owned and nationally backed, Go Mini’s has been helping business owners for more than 15 years. Rest assured, when you partner with our team, you won’t be hit with hidden fees or surprise fuel charges. We take pride in our attentive customer service, providing upfront pricing that’s fully transparent.

Take control of your storage needs with the freedom to accomplish your goals at a price you’ll appreciate. Get an instant quote online or call us at (920) 345-0932 for business restoration storage in Appleton.