Store At Your Location

Imagine if you could bring a storage unit right to your location instead of having to rent a storage unit far away! Even if the storage facility was less than a mile away, it's inconvenient. Think of the time it would save not having to load all of your things into your car and potentially making multiple trips back and forth to the storage facility. Imagine no longer, because Go Mini's has the answer.

When you need extra storage for your belongings, just give Go Mini's a call. After a simple phone call, we'll bring a storage container right to your door. We deliver the Go Mini unit to the exact location you want. We even allow you to tell us which way you would like the door to face to make it the most convenient for you. We endeavor to place it on the property whenever possible, to fit your needs.

Once your portable storage container is delivered, you can take as much time as you need to fill it up. Our containers are low to the ground, which makes them much easier to load versus trying to lift heavy items into a car, truck, or even up a ramp.

Worried about security? All of our containers use locking Roll-Up or Swing Doors to help keep your belongings safe and secure at your home.

Since our containers are vented, they greatly reduce moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew. Benefits like these help keep your items in the same condition in which they were put in.

When you're done with your storage unit, simply give us a call and we'll pick it up. If you need off-site storage, we can pick up your full unit and bring it back to one of our secure storage facilities or even move it to a new location.

Keep in mind that local government regulations may determine how long a unit may be stored on your site.

Give us a call at 1-866-GOMINIS to reserve your unit today, or get a free quote online.