Secure Inside Storage

Sometimes you just want a little extra piece of mind. While Go Mini's containers are designed for long-term outdoor storage, you may want an additional layer of security. In some locations, Go Mini's offers inside storage.

The process of ordering inside storage is still the same as ordering a Go Mini for Storage at our location. When you're ready, Go Mini's will bring a portable storage unit right to your location: home or business. We have three different sizes for you to choose from depending on how much you need to store. We are the only national portable storage franchise that offers a huge 20 ft. storage container. A container of that size can save you both time and money compared to PODS and Packrat. The 20. ft Go Mini container typically holds five to six rooms worth of belongings. They're great for residential or business storage.

Once the storage container is at your location, you can take as much time as you need to load it up with your belongings. There is never any pressure to load up a unit quickly. We won't come back to get the unit until you call us. When you're ready, we return to your location, pick up the portable storage unit, and bring it back to a Go Mini's location that offers inside storage.

If you need something in your container, we'll return the unit to your property where you can easily retrieve it and then have us pick it up when you're done.

If you're interested in inside storage, please call your local Go Mini's location to check for availability. This service is not offered in all locations.

Please call 1-866-GOMINIS or go online for the dealer nearest you.