Moving Tips to Reduce Stress for a Better Move

We want to help simplify your move. We know you dread the idea of having to move. That's why we offer hassle-free and convenient moving and storage. Not only do we bring the container to your front door, we'll drive the truck, and relocate your precious belongings too.

We want you to have the best move possible, so we went ahead and made the following checklist to better serve you.

  • Make a list and label boxes.
    Make a list of furniture you need to move and think through where you want to place it at the new location. Then use either furniture labels or make your own out of gentle painter's tape. Use a permanent marker to write what the contents are and if they're fragile. It will help you plan ahead and save time while unloading because your friends won't have to ask you where each piece needs to go.
  • Set important items aside.
    Set important papers, cellphones, keys and other things aside that you don't want packed. Use your kitchen counter top or a special area to secure them in.
  • Pack furniture contents in boxes.
    This will reduce the chance of losing items and damaging goods. A light dresser is easier and safer to move than a full dresser.
  • Use the appropriate box size.
    Place your belongings in boxes that are sized appropriately for your contents. You will find that handling them and loading them is easier and safer. We can offer you moving boxes and supplies at a great price.
  • Be generous with packing paper.
    By packing boxes with enough packing paper, it ensures a good amount of cushioning for your valuable belongings.
  • Use plenty of packing tape.
    Securing your boxes with plenty of tape will help your boxes stayed closed while you're carrying it.
  • Secure furniture containing irremovable glass.
    Secure furniture containing irremovable glass by wrapping it in a moving blanket and putting cardboard around it. Then hold it in place with tape or shrink-wrap.
  • Cover Furniture
    To protect all of your overstuffed furniture like sofas and occasional chairs, shrink-wrap or put it in bags. This will help them stay clean while you move. Shrink-wrap is also great for keeping cushions securely in place while handling and even dresser drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Loading your container
    When loading your Go Mini, place heavier items in first & build heavy to light starting at the bottom. Dressers make great foundations to a tier, as do cabinets and buffets. Protect your furniture with moving blankets. Load middleweight boxes and furniture in the tier next. Light furniture and boxes can be loaded at the top to finish off the tier remember to load one tier at a time. Finish loading your Go Mini with your mattress and box spring to keep everything neatly in place. Use rope or straps to secure your load and finally lock your Go Mini door.

This checklist can help you have a safer and more efficient move. For more information, ideas, and tips go to our moving tips blog, and we're sure you'll find what you're looking for as well as other great Go Mini uses, packing tips, furniture handling tips and much more. Call us today at 1-866-466-4647 and reserve your container now.