Compare Go Minis to PODS®

Go Mini’s® vs. PODS®: How do they stack up?

Portable Storage with Excellent Prices and Customer Service.

No other portable storage company offers a better customer experience across the United States and Canada.

Go Mini’s offer low prices, large service areas, and weatherproof portable storage containers.  Our storage units are easy to load and unload and allow flexible moving and storage solutions.  Some Go Mini’s locations are even able to delivery your container on the same day!

Great price, great service and superior containers are just some of the reasons so many customers call Go Mini’s the “best alternative to PODS®.”

If you are wondering how our rates compare to PODS® rates, please fill out the form on the right or call 866-466-4647 and we will be happy to get you started.

How does Go Mini’s compare to a POD®.

First off, Go Mini’s portable storage unit come in three different sizes and our largest unit at 20’ is bigger than anything offered by PODS®.   Unlike PODS® and other portable containers that rest on the ground, Go Mini’s rest on poly coated steel castors so they are 8″ off the ground and avoid contact with ground water during inclement weather.  Our container is specially designed for moving and storage, so loading and unloading is an easy process.

Here’s how they compare:

  • How much does PODS® cost compared to Go Mini’s?
    Go Mini’s was created because we saw a way of creating a superior portable storage container while charging less money than our competitors. When you compare Go Mini’s rates with PODS® rates, Go Mini’s has the lowest prices almost every time.
  • How does the Go Mini’s container compare to the PODS® container?
    Both Go Mini’s and PODS® offer three container size, but the big difference is that Go Mini’s offer’s an exclusive 20 ft container that 4 ft longer than what our competition offers.  Our 20 ft portable storage container is ideal for storing  more than 3-4 rooms worth of furniture and belongings.  Why order two containers from PODS® or other portable moving services when one 20 footer from Go Mini’s will do?
  • How does Go Mini’s portable storage work compared to PODS®?
    Similar to PODS® storage, Go Mini’s delivers the portable storage container to your door for easy loading. We give you the flexibility to tell us exactly where you want it, and which way you want the door to face.  Once you have loaded up your Go Mini, you have the option of keeping it at your location or having us pick it up and store it securely at one of our locations. When you are ready for delivery, just give us a call, and we’ll bring it right to your door.
  • How secure are the storage containers?
    Go Mini’s uses sturdy steel rollup doors with latches that will accommodate two locks. You load, you lock and only you have the keys.

Will Go Mini’s Portable Storage Containers Work for My Local Move?

Go Mini’s portable storage works for almost any local moving situation.  A typical move with Go Mini’s goes something like this.  First, we deliver the container to your home for you to load.  Once are you ready, we come and pick up the full container and move it directly to your new location.  Once delivered, you are free to unload your belonging at your own pace.  When the container is empty, just give us a call and we will pick it right up.  Of course, you can always store the container in one of our locations and we will bring it from there to your new home.  Feel free to call a Go Mini’s moving specialist today to discuss your move or use our quote engine on the right hand side of the page to get a request a free moving quote.

What about using a Go Mini for my business?

There are several uses for a Go Mini for your local business.

  • Let’s say your business is doing really well, but you are running out of space to store inventory. A Go Mini container could be the perfect answer before you spend a lot of money finding a new location.  You might even find you only need the extra space for a few months a year and Go Mini’s is the perfect solution to both make and save you a lot of money.
  • Let’s say you are renovating an apartment and need somewhere to place all the furniture while you are working.  Our 20’ storage container is the perfect solution.  You can pack everything up and store it right on the spot while you are working on the apartment.

Learn many more uses by visiting our business storage page.

Now that you know how moving with Go Mini’s compares to moving with PODS®, call today -866-466-4647 and get started.

Customer Reviews

better service than PODS

Switched From Pods to Go Mini’s

I just wanted to let you know how much my business has appreciated our relationship with Go Mini’s since we switched from Pods last year. With you being local, I don’t have to wait to get a box when we need one fast. Being in the disaster recovery business, our customers can’t wait for a week when the washer hose breaks. Your Go Mini’s has always been quick to help us out when we needed it.

When I first looked in to switching from Pods it was mostly due to price and Go Mini’s pricing was better. What I did not expect was the great service improvement we have seen by your being local and so customer oriented.

Now there are new people in Jacksonville, Pack Rat and Units, who have been calling trying to get our business away from Go Mini’s. Even though they are offering price discounts and even free boxes, we won’t switch. Your consistent service and pricing and helpfulness have made us a loyal Go Mini’s customer. Keep it up and we’re staying where we are.”

Jim – Jacksonville, FL

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