Four Easy Steps for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

The holidays are over, and alas, the decorations await return to their eleven annual months in storage. But where to begin? Holiday organization might seem a daunting task, but a few easy steps can simplify the process.

Start Sorting

Christmas ornaments on a fake tree in Minneapolis, MN

One of the simplest ways to start is by taking the decorations and placing them all on one surface. Then, start sorting. This can be done by color, theme, or sentimental value—whatever works best. Once everything has been divided up, cheap organization tools like plastic sandwich bags and zip ties can keep things in one place.

Invest in Ornament Boxes

Most ornaments and decorations come with boxes that can be used for storage, but if these aren’t available or are too flimsy, then hard plastic boxes with dividers can be purchased for safe storage. For smaller ornaments, egg cartons are an easy (and eco-friendly) solution. For large or awkwardly shaped ornaments, leftover tissue paper from gift wrapping works well to prevent breakage. Used wrapping paper can be used, as well. Then, the items can be packed into cardboard boxes or small containers with lids.

Tote It

Large plastic totes are a holiday organization pro’s best friend. Ornament boxes, lights, packaged decorations, and everything else that has been sorted and boxed can be organized neatly into bigger totes. That way, there are significantly fewer containers to store, and the sturdiness of plastic tote boxes provides extra protection. Additionally, plastic totes fit neatly into portable storage containers.

Store It Safely

Now that everything is packed up, it’s time to talk about safe, secure storage. Containers from Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage serve as the perfect solution. With many advantages over traditional storage, the climate-controlled containers come in three convenient sizes, so there’s a container for every need (and every holiday). Valued customers have the option of keeping the weatherproof containers at home or at a convenient Go Mini’s® location.

Holiday organization doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is starting with the basics and relying on safe, long-term storage. Go Mini’s® is the perfect option for the final step. It’s not just organization and storage; it’s convenience in the form of a container. Contact us for a quote!

A Perfect Fit: Which Size Storage Unit Is Right for You?

Whether across town, across the country, or across the world, moving is never an easy task. On top of that, movers have to find a portable storage container to transfer their possessions—with seemingly endless brands, sizes, and features to choose from! But finding a moving container doesn’t have to be stressful. These techniques can help anyone looking to move or store their possessions find the right size container for their needs.

Take Inventory

A storage unit filled with different possessions in Minneapolis, MN

Before reserving a moving container, the first step is to take inventory of possessions in the home. Larger items, like furniture and appliances, should be measured for the most accurate size estimate. It’s also important to closely estimate the number of boxes required to avoid renting a container that’s too large or too small.

During this time, it’s crucial to note anything unusual that should be taken into account, whether shipping the moving container or using it for storage. This might include items such as paintings, paperwork, or something else that may require temperature control. Antiques or oddly shaped items may also require special consideration. The inventory process is also a great time to sell or donate any unused or unwanted items before the big move!

Consider the Types of Items

Transporting possessions from one location to another isn’t quite as simple as moving it all into a container. Even if all of the items will fit into one container, it’s important to think about what items can be shipped or stored together and which ones should be separated. For example, no one wants their beautiful, expensive living room set to be right next to the dirty lawnmower and patio furniture! Some people may want to break up the items or cover them with moving blankets, while others may choose to use an additional container instead.

Ask the Experts

The good news? The person moving doesn’t have to figure out which size container they need all on their own! Companies like Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage have local portable storage specialists who can assist those who aren’t sure which size container to choose. Since they help people find the right size container for moving or storage every day, they can give an accurate estimate of how much space someone will need based on their current home size and special needs.

Contact a local Go Mini’s® facility today to reserve your container. For added convenience, you can use their online storage calculator to get a size estimate right now!

Four No-Fail Home Organization Resolutions

Want to get organized in 2018? Setting a New Year’s resolution is a great way to stay on track by creating specific goals. These are our four favorite home organization related resolutions. Borrow the ones that strike a chord to get on the path to an orderly lifestyle.

1. Downsize Belongings

A man smiling and stacking boxes next to a storage unit in Minneapolis, MN

The fewer unused items in a home, the more organized the space will be. Some organizing experts swear by the rule of three: for every new item brought into the home, three old things must be removed. This guideline can create an especially powerful effect during the holiday season when we’re beset with gifted candles and body lotions. The items that are kept should have a specific spot within the home and be put away when not in use. Items you want to keep but don’t regularly need can be moved to a storage container so that they are not underfoot and creating clutter.

2. Create a System

Breaking home organization into daily, weekly, and monthly checklists can help make sense of a daunting task. Getting into the routine of doing certain chores at a certain time keeps the home cleaner overall and prevents a backlog of laundry or a sinkful of dishes from developing.

3. Label Everything

It’s much easier to decorate the home for Christmas or get summer sports equipment out of storage when boxes are labeled. This year, take time to put things away thoughtfully, labeling each box so it can easily be located. Tech-savvy homeowners might even create a searchable spreadsheet with instructions like, “Christmas decorations, three boxes in the basement.”

4. Develop a Family Calendar

Whether digital or on paper, resolve to keep better track of social commitments. Families who feel like they’re always rushing around might be surprised at how much they actually do when it’s written down. Just as downsizing belongings can assist with organization, carving out time for family and relaxation is an excellent way to feel more refreshed and improve quality of life.

Those who need additional storage as they begin to organize should consult with Go Mini’s® by calling 1-866-GOMINIS. Our storage solutions include convenient, portable containers, storage at one of our locations, and even indoor, climate-controlled storage.

Four Ways to Protect Your Back When Moving

Lifting heavy objects is one of the most common causes of back injury, so it’s important to take preventive steps when moving to a new home. Those who are moving should keep these four loading and unloading tips in mind to avoid strains and other painful, debilitating back issues.

1. Warm up the Muscles

A woman clutching her shoulder after moving in Minneapolis, MN

As with any workout, it’s important to stretch the muscles before lifting heavy items. Pay attention to the arms, legs, and back, as well as the core muscles. The warmer they are when lifting begins, the lower the risk of injury.

2. Look Before Lifting

Assess the size and weight of a box before picking it up. For example, try moving it with a foot to see how heavy it is. If it can’t be lifted safely, leave it alone until you have assistance. Avoid packing boxes with too many heavy items, and load containers with the heaviest items at the bottom.

3. Create a Clear Path

Never lift a heavy box without ensuring that a path is clear to its destination. If it becomes necessary to stop, putting the box down and lifting it again creates another opportunity for back injury. Obstacles in the path can also cause a dangerous fall.

4. Use Proper Form

If a box is safe to lift, then start by placing feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down by bending only the knees and hips while keeping the back straight and shoulders back. When it’s time to stand up again, slowly straighten the hips and knees and lift without twisting. Engage your arms, legs, and core muscles to lift the load; do not lift using the back. Hold the box as close to the torso as possible and avoid bending forward.

Those who are concerned about injuring their backs while moving should consult with Go Mini’s® to make the process easier. In addition to loading and unloading assistance, we provide packing supplies, storage solutions, and full-service moves.

Our Mini Checklist to Make Small Spaces Look Larger

Today, more and more Americans are eschewing large homes in favor of small, efficient spaces. Recent national data from found that the values of homes less than 500 square feet are appreciating twice as fast as the overall market. With increased interest in urban living, people in cities across the country are realizing that bigger isn’t always better. Small spaces don’t need to feel small. These three design tips will help open up any room. For more decluttering, opt for Go Mini’s® storage at home or at one of our facilities.

Avoid Dark Colors

A dining room with tables and chairs with a hanging light in Minneapolis, MN

Dark colors trap light and make walls and other surfaces seem closer and more constrained. White walls provide the most space, but other light tones like periwinkle or beige can also work well. If there’s a favorite dark shade that absolutely has to be included in the design, try using it as an accent trim or painting a single wall in the desired color for a little contrast.

Incorporate Mirrors and Polished Surfaces

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces give the room a depth that draws the eye past the surface itself. It may be an optical illusion, but it can make a huge difference. By reflecting the light, mirrored surfaces can also help make the room feel bright and open.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

There’s no space bigger than the great outdoors, and ample natural light and vistas take advantage by drawing the eye outward. Skylights or high windows do a wonderful job of amplifying the open feel of a room. Stay away from dark, heavy fabrics when choosing drapes and curtains and opt for something translucent, or use blinds that can be kept up for most of the day.

Of course, the easiest way to free up room in any small space is to get rid of the clutter. Excess furniture and accessories can be affordably stored in an easy-to-use Go Mini’s® storage container. We deliver it directly to your home, let you load it on your own time, and give you easy access to your things, so you can use them when you want without eating up space in your home or apartment. Contact Go Mini’s® to open up your small space today.

What to Put in Storage Now That Summer Is Over

As warm summer days come to an end, it’s a good idea to store outdoor items in a safe, out-of-the-way place. Instead of cluttering the garage or basement, consider portable storage options.

Protect Outdoor Equipment & Furniture

A man and woman holding moving boxes in Minneapolis, MN

Before it becomes too cold to be outside, pack up those seasonal items. Outdoor furniture will last longer when it’s protected against heavy snows, brutal winds, and subfreezing temperatures. In particular, sets made of wood, teak, wicker, and fabric are susceptible to damage when exposed to prolonged cold-weather conditions.

Lawn care equipment can also be put away for the season. These items include mowers, edgers, and trimmers. Watersport vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and ATVs also can be safely stowed in a portable storage unit until they’re ready to be used again next year. Be sure to store barbecue grills, too. Consider storing pool items, outdoor play sets, and even summer clothes. Containers come in different sizes to meet each household’s needs. A storage calculator can help determine the optimum container size.

A Great Solution When Space Is Tight

When living in an apartment, town home, or condo, space can be tight. There may be no room to spare in the attic, garage, or closets for summertime gear. There’s no need to live in a cluttered environment when safe, secure storage containers are available. Rather than overstuffing closets or leaving items outside, opt for the convenience of portable storage.

Prepare Items for Storage

Weatherproof containers are designed to protect what’s inside. However, a little preparation before storing items will provide even more protection. Thoroughly clean equipment and furniture. Grills and gardening tools could use a good scrubbing after a long season of use. Cushions can be placed in plastic bags. Wrap items with moving blankets to keep them from getting scratched or dented. These measures will keep stored items in great condition and ready to go when the warm days of summer return.

Looking for a container to store those seasonal items? At Go Mini’s®, our portable containers come in three convenient sizes: 12, 16, and 20 ft. Find a location nearest to you. We can help you select the right size container for your storage needs and can also store your container at one of our secure locations.

Moving Across the Country? Don’t Forget These Important Steps

Image of an Interstate sign

Once all the papers have been signed and the family is ready to go, it’s time to make that big move across the country. Relocating belongings to a new place that’s hundreds or even thousands of miles away is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these important moving tips to ensure an easier, safer transition.

Deciding What Stays and What Goes

The best first step for a big move is to clean, organize, and de-clutter. After all, why take the time and energy to pack up and move things you don’t want or need in the first place?

Start by putting valuables—things like keys, important documents, and electronics—somewhere separate and safe. Then begin getting rid of unwanted or unneeded items. You may be surprised how much trash, old clothing, broken furniture, and more build up over the years. For items that can be salvaged, consider having a yard sale before your big move, or donate them to a charity.

Choosing a Moving Storage Container

Choosing the right moving storage container to handle all your belongings is another critical step. Go Mini’s® portable storage containers are available in three sizes: 12 ft. (for moving a couple of rooms), 16 ft. (for moving three to four rooms), and 20 ft. (for moving five to six rooms). Deciding which one is right for you will depend on how much you will be moving.

Packing Up

Once the storage container is ready to go, it’s time to start packing and loading everything.

Packing supplies such as sturdy boxes, packing paper, and labels are must-haves. Be generous with packing paper in boxes containing fragile items, and write instructions on boxes such as FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP. Cover furniture with plastic to keep it clean and dry throughout the moving process. For especially heavy or valuable antique furniture, it might be a good idea to hire loading assistance.

For more information regarding Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage or the moving process, contact us today. With locations across the country, we’re The New Way To Move.

How to Organize Your Garage

In theory, a garage is a place to park a car. In reality, many Americans don’t even have space to store their car in the garage. That’s because the typical garage is crammed full of holiday decorations, sports equipment, winter gear, and anything else that needs to be stored at home but not necessarily inside the home. There’s no need to expose a valuable vehicle to the elements, however. A little decluttering and organizing can help free up plenty of space. For even more space, try Go Mini’s® for convenient portable storage available at your home or one of Go Mini’s® locations.

Get Rid of Excess

A garage cluttered with shoes, boxes, bikes, and other everyday items in Minneapolis, MN

Anyone who has moved homes knows that it takes packing everything up to truly appreciate how much stuff is in the house. Most of us even have things that we only see when moving. The first step in decluttering and freeing up space in the garage is to honestly assess whether you need that extra Christmas stand, that box of magazines, or those toys the kids don’t play with. If it hasn’t been used in two years, it’s time to pass it along to someone who will use it.

Invest in Shelves, Totes, and Pegboards

One of the biggest obstacles to a clutter-free garage is, well, obstacles. Placing items haphazardly on the floor in disorganized piles makes it hard to find needed items. Worse, those piles have a habit of growing as more items are added to them. Invest in shelving and peg boards to keep items off the floor. Keep the shelves organized with totes. Simply elevating everything off the floor will go a long way to making the garage appear more organized.

If there’s still a lack of space after decluttering and organizing, consider a portable storage unit. The GoMini’s® advantage makes it easy and affordable to hold on to heirlooms, collector’s items, seasonal equipment, and more. Find a Go Mini’s® location near you today.

Six Life Moments That Are Easier With Portable Storage Containers

Go Mini’s® moving & portable storage units have redefined moving day, but their purpose doesn’t end there. Many people never think about renting convenient, weatherproof, portable storage containers to simplify these special occasions.

1. Weddings

A baby in a bed looking a blocks that say '9 months' in Minneapolis, MN

From decorations and favors to bridal party gifts and dresses, there’s a lot of stuff to keep up with as the big day approaches. Mobile storage units keep these essentials within reach without taking up valuable home space. With 8-foot ceilings and ample natural lighting, these containers also provide plenty of space to keep DIY wedding crafts and projects in order.

2. New Babies

Storage containers provide expectant parents with the extra space they need to prepare for their new additions. Small units are ideal locations to keep cribs, changing tables, and other nursery essentials out of the way while the baby’s room is being prepared.

3. Parties and Fundraisers

Whether it’s a sweet 16 party or an annual yard sale, the right Go Mini’s® unit keeps supplies organized and close at hand throughout the event. Several sizes are available to suit a variety of needs, and all units feature locking doors to keep the items inside safe and secure. Store tables, chairs, decorations, and props until they’re needed, or use a container to facilitate catering during the special occasion.

4. Kids in College

Portable storage containers can make life easier for college students and their parents. Instead of transporting furniture and school essentials back and forth between semesters, students can store their belongings in a weatherproof unit until they return to their dorm rooms. At home, parents can gain extra space by housing their child’s bedroom contents in a container.

5. Extreme Weather Storage

When severe weather is in the forecast, a container provides a safe haven for outdoor furniture, equipment, and valuables. Rent a unit with 8-inch ground clearance to protect family heirlooms from water damage during heavy rain or hurricanes. Containers also provide secure storage for lawnmowers, grills, and seasonal gear during winter.

6. New Business Startups

Mobile containers are cost-efficient tools for new and existing businesses. They provide affordable, convenient, and transportable storage space for supplies and inventory, and climate-controlled units are available to protect sensitive materials. Home-based business owners can keep their products on hand without renting warehouse space. Also, portable units are especially convenient for trade shows and conventions.

Go Mini’s® moving & portable storage units make life’s special occasions easier, from weddings to relocations to business ventures. Find one of our convenient locations to experience the Go Mini’s® advantage today.

To Store, or Not to Store: Tips for Deciding What to Keep and What to Throw Out

When moving, renovating, or simply decluttering, a portable storage container is a great tool for staying organized and protecting belongings. But which items should be stored, and which should be sold, donated, or thrown away? The fate of each item depends on several factors, such as sentimental value, frequency of use, and size. The following tips should make deciding whether something stays or goes a little easier.

Just Getting Rid of It

A man holding a moving box looking at a woman holding a book in their home that they removed clutter from in Minneapolis, MN

It wouldn’t be smart to throw out Grandma’s old jewelry box, the bed, or the toaster everyone uses at breakfast each morning. Items like these are obvious keepers. But what about that lamp that’s on the fritz or the radio that hasn’t been used since before the kids were born?

An easy way to determine if it’s time to let something go is to ask a few questions. Has it been used in the last three months? Does it hold sentimental value? Will it need repair or replacement soon? If the answers don’t inspire a desire to put the item into a portable storage container, it can probably be sold online or at a yard sale, donated, or thrown on the pile for the garbage collector.

Storing It Instead

Items destined for storing are a little easier to pick out. Storage containers are perfect for things that need to stay but are too large or awkward to comfortably keep in the house—think bicycles, boxes of collectibles, or decorative items that aren’t in season.

Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage containers are designed to keep contents secure and guarded against the elements, so homeowners can rest easy knowing their belongings, even the more expensive or sentimental pieces, are out of the way and protected.

Take the first step toward decluttering by visiting our website or getting in touch with us today.