Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Once their kids have grown up and moved away from home, parents face a number of challenges as they adjust to a quieter, emptier house. With all the clutter to tame, rooms to paint, and furniture to replace or get rid of, new empty-nesters could use a little guidance as they downsize.

Start Downsizing Early

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Whether empty nesters are planning to move to a new home or will remain in their current one for a while, the best time to start downsizing is as soon as possible. Everyone sets out with good intentions, but the longer downsizing efforts are put off, the less likely they’ll get done. Plus, it’s better to be one step ahead of unexpected events like illness, career changes, or significant family milestones.

Take It Room By Room

Being faced with a big downsizing job or a move to a new house can quickly feel overwhelming, especially for new empty nesters. Simplify the process by taking it on slowly, preferably one room at a time. When broken down into small, manageable pieces, even a major downsizing won’t seem so daunting. If the de-cluttering process seems unmanageable, empty nesters should consider hiring a professional organizer or a professional estate sales company to help streamline the process.

Categorize Every Item

Begin tackling each room by dividing up its contents into three categories: keep, sell or donate, and throw away. Once everything has been sorted, it’s easy to immediately get rid of items in the “throw away” category. Then simply relocate or put into storage everything in the “keep” category before finding a new home for everything labeled “sell and donate.”

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Why Go Mini’s® Exceeds Pods® in Portable Storage Containers and Performance

Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage customers rely on the company’s convenient containers to move, for storage solutions, or to conduct home renovation projects. The company welcomes opportunities to showcase its superiority in comparison to PODS® and other competitors. Read on to learn more from data-driven facts addressing the differences.

Extra Space, Everywhere

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Go Mini’s® largest container presents 29 percent more cubic feet of space than the biggest unit offered by PODS®. Go Mini’s® is also the only national portable storage franchise that offers 20-foot containers. In some cases, two PODS® containers would be necessary to move a load identical to one transported by one Go Mini’s® unit. In fact, most Go Mini’s® customers need only one 20-foot container to complete a move. Even the company’s 12- and 16-foot containers contribute more cubic space than any of its competitors.

Saving in Storage Fees

Go Mini’s® storage solutions can help customers save money. Arranging for a single 20-foot container will cost less per square foot than renting two 16-footers from PODS®. This difference alone saves significant money in storage rental and delivery fees.

More Tie-Down Points

Compared to those of a PODS® 16-foot unit, a Go Mini’s® 16-footer offers a 25 percent increase in tie-down points to secure valuables and items during loading, transit, and unloading. The exclusive use of Go Mini’s® drivers also ensures safe travel and precise delivery of valuables at the relocation site.

Steel Interior Storage, Not Wood

PODS® units contain walls and support beams made from treated, porous wood. Go Mini’s® containers are made of powder-coated steel that does not splinter and rejects the mold and mildew that causes odors. Some Go Mini’s® locations even offer containers that are ventilated to reduce moisture and humidity.

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