How to Combat Loneliness When Moving to a New City

For many people, there’s nothing more daunting than moving to a new city—even if the thrill of change, a new experience, or a better job beckons. One way to combat this difficulty is to focus on hobbies and meet other people who share those passions. Here’s how to use hobbies, skills, and, recreation to fight loneliness after a move.

Be Realistic

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Making a big move is complicated on many levels, and everyone could use some moving tips. On top of the packing, organization, and storage required for a move, it may also mean moving away from dear friends. But when making a transition, it’s important to be realistic about forging a social life in a new city. It may take weeks or even months before hitting a social life stride, so try not to get discouraged. Take in the small victories, such as a casual acquaintance met on a commute, and know that there is time to cultivate acquaintances into friendships.

Turn Hobbies Into Socializing

Packed up years of collectibles, art tools, sports equipment, or other hobby-related gear in a storage unit? It may be the first thing to bust out after a move. One of the easiest ways to meet like-minded people is to attend groups, conventions, or meetups related to a specific hobby or passion. Even if one feels out of practice with their hobby, it’s a great time to dust off old gear and meet those with similar interests.

Get Out of the “Comfort Zone”

For many people, what they want to do after a long day of work or unloading boxes during a move is to kick off their shoes and binge a TV show. Even though it may be difficult, it’s necessary to get out of the comfort zone to develop a social life after a big move. Initiate lunch with new co-workers or strike up a conversation at the coffee shop or a workout class. Try to follow up after to show interest in hanging out again. In the beginning, making friends may feel like a second job; over time it will become much more natural and rewarding when true bonds are formed.

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Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Once their kids have grown up and moved away from home, parents face a number of challenges as they adjust to a quieter, emptier house. With all the clutter to tame, rooms to paint, and furniture to replace or get rid of, new empty-nesters could use a little guidance as they downsize.

Start Downsizing Early

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Whether empty nesters are planning to move to a new home or will remain in their current one for a while, the best time to start downsizing is as soon as possible. Everyone sets out with good intentions, but the longer downsizing efforts are put off, the less likely they’ll get done. Plus, it’s better to be one step ahead of unexpected events like illness, career changes, or significant family milestones.

Take It Room By Room

Being faced with a big downsizing job or a move to a new house can quickly feel overwhelming, especially for new empty nesters. Simplify the process by taking it on slowly, preferably one room at a time. When broken down into small, manageable pieces, even a major downsizing won’t seem so daunting. If the de-cluttering process seems unmanageable, empty nesters should consider hiring a professional organizer or a professional estate sales company to help streamline the process.

Categorize Every Item

Begin tackling each room by dividing up its contents into three categories: keep, sell or donate, and throw away. Once everything has been sorted, it’s easy to immediately get rid of items in the “throw away” category. Then simply relocate or put into storage everything in the “keep” category before finding a new home for everything labeled “sell and donate.”

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