Homeowners, Try These Three Instant Curb Appeal Upgrades

While interior updates certainly factor into a home’s value, a report from the National Association of Realtors indicates that outdoor projects designed to improve curb appeal have an even bigger impact. In fact, certain upgrades can also increase value by up to four times the cost of the initial investment. Try these three exterior improvement ideas to make any home turn heads.

1. Exterior Paint

At the price of about $30 a gallon, this project is affordable for most homeowners. Although painting the entire home is a big project best suited for professionals, those who want to go the DIY route can make a significant impact by painting the door, trim, and shutters. Choose a bold color that distinguishes the property from neighboring homes for best results.

2. Outdoor Lighting

Not only do outdoor lights improve curb appeal, but they also make the home’s exterior safer and more functional. The improved visibility prevents family members and guests from falling, while a bright front yard at night can deter would-be intruders. Opt for either low-voltage landscape lights or solar fixtures that don’t need wiring, and use them to illuminate a walkway, emphasize landscaping elements, or brighten the porch.

3. Flower Boxes

Image of a front doorBright, blooming flowers are an affordable method to effortlessly add seasonal color to a home’s exterior. Purchase or build window boxes, then fill them with soil and flowers that provide a bright pop of color. Maintaining the boxes is an essential part of keeping the outside of the home looking scenic. A low-maintenance alternative is a container garden on the porch. Use a collection of colorful vases and pots to plant your favorite flowers and group them together in an appealing way.

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Three Tips for Moving During Bad Weather

In bad weather, a move can be downright awful unless the mover takes the proper precautions. Go Mini’s® Moving & Portable Storage containers offer a number of advantages over traditional moving companies in any weather, but the self-loaded containers truly shine in the rain or snow. Here are three moving tips for bad weather that highlight why Go Mini’s® containers are preferable to other moving options.

Take Your Time

A house against a dark, stormy sky

One of the most important moving tips is to not rush the move, especially in bad weather. Rain, sleet, or snow lead to dangerous, slippery conditions. It may be tempting to hurry the move, especially with truck rentals or moving companies that charge by the hour. Go Mini’s® containers work differently, giving people time to work at their own pace. Depending on the mover’s schedule, they could even choose to wait for the weather to clear.

Minimize Carrying Distance

File this under good general moving tips for all weather, but it’s even more helpful in the rain. The shorter the distance the items are exposed to the elements, the less the weather will damage them. Go Mini’s® containers are engineered with padded wheels, meaning they can be slid all the way up to the house without damaging the driveway. This allows the mover to get the items from the garage or front door into the weatherproof container with little or no rain, sleet, or snow exposure.

Invest in the Right Supplies

Nobody protects an item like its owner. In bad weather, the best protection is the attention and care of the one invested in the suede couch or flat screen TV. Couches and other furniture that shouldn’t get wet can be wrapped with stretch plastic wrap to provide water-resistant protection, while the flat screen can be bubble-wrapped inside a box specially designed for TVs. Go Mini’s® has all the moving supplies necessary to protect the items that matter most.

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